Bauxite Rotary Kiln

bauxite rotary kiln

Production Capacity: 180-10,000t/d

Tolerance: 0.5mm

Specification: φ 2.5x40m- 6.0x95m

The rank of countries’ alumina bauxite storage is: Australia, The Republic of Guinea, Jamaica, China, and India. Rich reserves provinces in China are Shanxi, Guizhou, Guangxi and Henan province. Generally, alumina bauxite is used to produce alumina or aluminum.

Bauxite rotary kiln consists of steel shell, tire, drive gear, kiln hood, kiln seal, burner pipe. Kiln head guard and kiln tail return spoon are built-in block casting, so bauxite rotary kiln has many advantages like easy installation, high heat, corrosion and wear resistance. Kiln head-cold air cover ventilating with cold air makes kiln safer and more reliable by evenly cooling down kiln head, barrel and kiln mouth shield. More stable airflow profits from large volume kiln hood and split kiln door. Adopt the most advanced double seal technology in the world, which is radical friction maze seal and scales seal. This kind of seal form has a simple structure and is easy to maintain. The combustion device adopts a swirling four-channel pulverized coal burner with a burner pipe.

bauxite rotary kiln cases
bauxite rotary kiln cases

Bauxite Rotary Kiln Feature

  • Low energy consumption. Comparing to the common ball top converter, it’s per unit of coal consumption can reduce 40%. It has better quality, well stability, and bigger market price advantages.
  • Easy operation. Its stable and reliable technology needs few professionals to operate.
  • Less pollution. It has a low amount of maintaining work and a high running rate.
  • Well adaptability. It can use gas, pulverized coal, fuel oil, and other fuels.
  • Upgradeable to automated control. Automated control makes the system more intact and stable.

Kiln Parameters

Product Standard(m)Kiln SizeYield(t/d)Rotate Speed(r/min)Motor Power(kw)Gross Weight(t)Remarks
Φ3.0×483483.525.6-29.30.6-3.48100237Kiln outside decomposition
Φ3.2×503.250440.5-420.6-3125278Kiln outside decomposition

Bauxite Rotary Kiln Outstanding Advantages

  • Bauxite rotary kiln is easy to install. Bauxite rotary kiln’s kiln mouse guard and kiln tail feeding spoon use individual cast, which has high heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The cold wind set in kiln head transfers cooling air, which can evenly cool down kiln head, cylinder, and kiln mouse guard.
  • Bauxite rotary kiln adopts large volume mode, which is opposite door kiln structure. It makes airflow more steady. The sealing mode of kiln head and kiln tail is dual sealing of radial friction maze and fish scale, whose structure is easy, maintenance is convenient.
  • Bauxite rotary kiln’s combustion device adopts a four-channel pulverized coal burner with fuel injection ignition device.
    Bauxite rotary kiln has better superiority of market price with low energy consumption and good stability.
  • Bauxite rotary kiln has a simple structure, reasonable design, easy maintenance, less staff, and steady performance.
  • Bauxite rotary kiln has a character of less pollution, easy maintenance and high running ratio.
  • Bauxite rotary kiln can adopt too many fuels like gas, braise and fuel oil. And automatic bauxite rotary kiln also exists.

Bauxite Rotary Kiln Debug Methods

How to deal with the heating problem of roller tile on bauxite rotary kiln:
The heating problem consists of heating thrust surface, heating roller tiles’ surface and both of them. To highlight the adjustment effect, push forward a roller tile in one pair while pulling back the other, but it can’t suitable for the circumstance when the pair of them are both heatings. In case of the change of kiln centerline, you can adjust the wheel seat located in diagonal. After the adjustment, inspect the gap between thrust plate and roller tile and the temperature of roller tiles.