Rotary Calciner’s Multipurpose Use

pratical rotary calciner

Rotary calciner is a piece of very practice machinery, which can be used in multiple industries, such as environmental industry, chemical industry, and mental industry. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION APPLICATION OF ROTARY CALCINER After more than ten years of development, the lime rotary kiln has played a greater role in environmental protection and has a broader development … Read more

How To Prevent A Red Kiln

red kiln

Red Kiln Concept What is a red kiln, it literally means a kiln turn to red. It is a bad phenomenon, which indicates your rotary kiln is in trouble, then you need to find help from professionals to solve the problem. But the most economical way is to know the red kiln mechanism and prevent … Read more

The Scheme Of Installing A Rotary Kiln

installing of rotary kiln

Rotary kiln Installing Scheme The weight of a single unit of rotary kiln is 262390kg(not includes the lining’s weight). It has 17 components which are combustion chamber, mixing chamber, kiln head hood, stealing, dumping device, supporting device, cylinder, temperature measuring device, gearing, the hydraulic catch wheel, retaining wheel hydraulics, balance device, kiln tail hood and … Read more

New Methods To Save Cement Kiln Fuel

rotary kiln

Nowadays, a corporation can’t go any further if it doesn’t chase innovation. AGICO Group emphasis on innovation and can research and development independently a series of new cement kiln equipment, which brings a new chance to reforming of the mineral processing industry. The basic principle of saving cement kiln is to make sure that the … Read more