The Scheme Of Installing A Rotary Kiln

installing of rotary kiln

Rotary kiln Installing Scheme The weight of a single unit of rotary kiln is 262390kg(not includes the lining’s weight). It has 17 components which are combustion chamber, mixing chamber, kiln head hood, stealing, dumping device, supporting device, cylinder, temperature measuring device, gearing, the hydraulic catch wheel, retaining wheel hydraulics, balance device, kiln tail hood and … Read more

New Methods To Save Cement Kiln Fuel

rotary kiln

Nowadays, a corporation can’t go any further if it doesn’t chase innovation. AGICO Group emphasis on innovation and can research and development independently a series of new cement kiln equipment, which brings a new chance to reforming of the mineral processing industry. The basic principle of saving cement kiln is to make sure that the … Read more

The Specificity Of Vertical Kiln

vertical kiln

Far different from common rotary kiln, vertical kiln is a tacit ecologic system. The material be poured into kiln from the top, moving to the bottom under the gravity. By leading in thermal energy, causing chemical reaction, decomposes CaCo3 into Cao and Co2. Although different models and specifications of vertical kilns are widely used in … Read more

Critical Factors In Lime Rotary Kiln Operation

lime rotary kiln

As the modern process accelerates, the lime industry is also in rapid development and rotary kiln’s application in the lime industry has widened up. AGICO is a popular and professional manufacturer in producing lime rotary kiln. After continuous accumulation and innovation, AGICO has huge advantages in production technologies. This essay is to analyze critical factors … Read more

How To Launch A Lime Rotary Kiln

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It’s very important about the starting of a lime rotary kiln. Whether there is a reasonable launch directly decides the later running state of rotary kiln. First, rotary kiln running under the lowest speed When the kiln tail’s temperature is about 550℃, rotary kiln keeps running at its lowest speed. When flame eruptivity reaches a … Read more

Rotary Kiln Shell Design

rotary kiln shell design

The cylinder of the rotary kiln’s main structure is shell, rim and thrust roller. Shell is the main part of the rotary kiln. It is a steel plate with a 40mm thickness, which is near rim. Because of the high load-bearing, the thickness near here is much thicker. There is a layer of 200mm refractory … Read more

Industrial Kiln Development Trend


The kiln is an equipment calcinating materials and put out production, built by refractory bricks. The industrial kiln is a kind of device that can coupling process the temperature curves, atmosphere curves, and pressure curves. Generally, large industrial kiln’s fuel is heavy oil, light diesel oil, gas, and natural gas. The kiln normally consists of … Read more