How Does Moisture In Cement Clinker Influence Cement Manufacture

The Effect Of Moisture On Cement Quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of cement, such as the strength of clinker, the specific surface area of cement, particle size distribution, cylindricity, mixing amount of mixed material, etc., the influence of cement water is also crucial, cement water must be strictly controlled within a certain reasonable range. Some cement enterprise in the production of P.O 42.5 cement, in order to reduce the grinding temperature, spray-on material into the grinding belt, at the same time increase the grinding inside the sprinkler systems, laboratory to make cement specific surface area in the 365 m2 / kg, in 19 MPa 3 days strength, but strength of 28 days in factory only 41 MPa is lower than the national standard 42.5 MPa, tested for high moisture content of 0.8% cement, 0.4% above the control targets, the impact strength of the cement; At the same time, the moisture content will also be in the warehouse wall adhesion, arch, under the ash adverse phenomenon, will also affect the micro amount of water in the cement to reduce the cement strength, there is a data shows that the water in the cement increased by 1%. Its strength decreases by 2~3MPa.Therefore, it is important to strictly control the water content of the ground cement.

Effect Of Material Moisture On Mill Yield

The presence of water on the impact of volatile raw material grinding, when the material reaches a certain proportion of water, it became a when the material is easily grinding mill and production, the main factors in production control material moisture into the factory by the original burning material status, climate change and the production management level and other factors, for better management level of enterprises, and have better weather conditions, into the factory better material moisture control, impact on the mill output is small; On the contrary, if the comprehensive moisture content of the material is high, the mill output will decrease. Taking the mid-discharge drying mill as an example, when the comprehensive moisture content of the mill reaches more than 2%, the phenomenon of blocking the silo board, pasting the ball and insufficient ventilation in the mill will occur. In order to increase the material into the grinding temperature, drying ability should increase the moisture to evaporate as much as possible in the drying chamber, avoid into the final temperature is too high, too much water, grinding medium and liner surface adhesion is fine powder, form a “cushion layer”, reduces the impact of the grinding medium for material grinding effect, increase the abrasive resistance, reduce the mill production, a group of Numbers in the table below shows under a certain temperature, as the material moisture within the grinding material attached table:

TemperatureMoisture ContentQuantity Of Raw Material AdhesionCement Adhesion

Effect on grinding efficiency and hot air drying

Water is the main factor affecting the grinding efficiency, the greater the water grinding efficiency is lower, the new dry cement mill production, in theory, the lower the requirement of the material water, the better, in the case of insufficient drying capacity, raw material water at 1.5% when the adhesive screen. Ring, up to 2.5% will appear when the grinding dull, paste grinding and other symptoms, grinding efficiency will be greatly reduced. At this time, the method to reduce the moisture of the material, only to increase the material drying, improve the hot air into the mill, hot air temperature increased by 10℃, can effectively improve the grinding efficiency 1%. The greater the moisture requirements of hot air drying the greater the capacity.