How Does Rotary Kiln Thermal System Affect Rotary Kiln Clinker

Production Capacity: 180-10,000t/d

Tolerance: 0.5mm

Specification: φ 2.5x40m- 6.0x95m

Rotary kiln’s quality about clinker is very important, here are some ways in which the rotary kiln calcination thermal system affect it.

The Influence Of Temperature

Usually controlling clinker calcining temperature in 1300 ~ 1450 ~ 1300 ℃ can ensures the quality of the clinker and sintering, for the current our country quite part of the manufacturer with the combination of ingredients (high KH, high SM) high strength clinker production, its raw material is easy to burn, clinker calcining temperature should be controlled moderately high, corresponding control in 1300 ~ 1500 ~ 1300 ℃.

The Influence Of The Length Of Sintering Zone

For the manufacturers with double-height (high KH, high SM) clinker ingredients, it is required to control the length of the calcining belt to be longer than normal and the calcining temperature to be higher, namely “high-temperature long belt” calcining, which is conducive to the improvement of clinker sintering and clinker quality. Generally, it is best to control the length of the calcining belt to be around 4.5 ~ 5.5Di.

The Influence Of  Kiln Type Specification

The length to diameter ratio of clinker calcining kiln has a great influence on the quality, such as Nissan 2000 tons of calcining kiln L/D now some tend to be shorter design control, in order to design more control in about 10 ~ 11 factories, so beneficial to the improvement of the clinker quality. Mainly due to the low length to diameter ratio corresponding to shorten the length of the transition zone, short kiln was beneficial to the improvement of the clinker heating rate, also shortened the calcining system into the kiln burning raw materials, low-temperature aging time, is advantageous to the clinker C2S and f – CaO clinker timely dissolve in liquid phase and the formation of C3S and crystallization, favorable for formation of clinker quality.

The diameter of the kiln size also have effects on the quality of clinker calcining, it is generally believed than small diameter of large diameter kiln was beneficial to the improvement of the quality of clinker calcining, on the one hand, because the kiln using high SM in ingredients, high KH ingredients, SM control in 2.8 ~ 3.2, KH control in 0.88 ~ 0.92, and large diameter kiln head spray into a large amount of coal, the flame temperature is high, some even as high as 2000 ℃ above, still can play ingredients of clinker calcining fully, the quality is good.

The Influence Of  Kiln Speed

Small calcining kiln, due to its length, shorter than a large kiln. Kiln low speed should be controlled well, such as Φ 3 x 48 m, Φ 4 x 43 m. It is advantageous to the clinker quality, mainly because the kiln length is shorter, in order to ensure that the clinker in the short kiln high-temperature residence time, the kiln speed is lower control is more favorable.

The Influence Of Heating Rate And Cooling Rate

Quality clinker formation requires preheater gas-solid decomposition furnace in high thermal efficiency, heat fast, transitional zone in the stove temperature stage requires rapid heating up, the main operating requirement is to moderate increase with uncooked materials, increasing calcination kiln speed frequency, shorten the length of the transition zone, extend the calcining zone length, the promotion of clinker mineral forming and sintering, high strength high-quality clinker burning requirements quickly quench burning, kiln head grate cooler operation requirements to strengthen a room, two-room high-pressure wind volume rapidly, strengthen the cold wind of high-temperature clinker cooling effect, so beneficial to the improvement of the quality of clinker.
The Influence Of Kiln Atmosphere
Coal in rotary kiln burning excess air coefficient to control the general at around 1.10 ~ 1.15, the oxygen concentration in the preheater waste gas control in 2% ~ 3% for the better, that maintain a micro oxidizing atmosphere, if low excess air coefficient control, lack of secondary air, easy to cause the reducing atmosphere, innovation in reducing atmosphere, can produce CO gas, and clinker is CO reduction into FeO, Fe2O3 ingredients in clinker liquid phase composition and viscosity, influence of clinker sintering, easy to produce a large number of clinker, yellow heart also waste heat and coal consumption, so as to affect the quality of clinker.