How To Prevent A Red Kiln

Red Kiln Concept

What is a red kiln, it literally means a kiln turn to red. It is a bad phenomenon, which indicates your rotary kiln is in trouble, then you need to find help from professionals to solve the problem.

But the most economical way is to know the red kiln mechanism and prevent the red kiln before it even happens. AGICO Group will introduce you to the red kiln mechanism in detail.

red kiln phenomenon
red kiln phenomenon

The Red Kiln Reason Analysis

  1. The refractory bricks that cement rotary kiln uses are under quality standard or have really bad quality. You should buy them from formal manufactures with qualifications.
  2. The lining’s quality is bad or using the wrong laying method. To find the right way to build your kiln inside-lining, you should scan our former post about refractory lining.
  3. Incomplete kiln coating can’t protect refractory bricks well. Before start producing, a few of specially-assigned person should inspect the inner condition of the rotary kiln.
  4. Bricks fall down caused by over fast temperature rising or other wrong technological operations.
rotary kiln plant
rotary kiln plant

The Red Kiln Dealing Methods

You should immediately shut down the kiln once you notice the red kiln phenomenon. Then you should check if the kiln coating is still complete in red kiln parts and check the integrity and criterion of the construction. The kiln must rising its temperature according to the standard temperature-rising curve when restarting.

Way To Prevent A Red Kiln

  1. Select refractory bricks with good quality, which should possess the characters of high-degree fire resistance, corrosion resistance and it should be without flaws. Buy the refractory bricks from reliable manufactories. Don’t chase for saving money.
  2. You should select refractory bricks before laying them. Barbarously load and unload will causes cracks.
  3. The craft man who charges for laying bricks must go through strict training and must possess great responsibility.
  4. The fire-inspection workers must carefully operate the kiln to avoid the phenomenon of rapid temperature-rising owing to feed too much coal.
  5. Regular inspection is necessary. Inspect by your own staff or call our service after the sale. AGICO Group service will fix those problems for you. Or we will remotely instruct you on how to repair it.

In a word, when occurring to a red kiln. First, shut down the kiln, then check whether the inner lining is complete or not. After that, if the problem can’t be solved, you should call the service after the sale immediately.