The Specificity Of Vertical Kiln

Far different from common rotary kiln, vertical kiln is a tacit ecologic system. The material be poured into kiln from the top, moving to the bottom under the gravity. By leading in thermal energy, causing chemical reaction, decomposes CaCo3 into Cao and Co2.

Although different models and specifications of vertical kilns are widely used in all walks of life, but the common character is that the refractory lining is formed by multiwall. Usually, those vertical kiln is composed by multiple insulation layer, permanent lining and wear-resisting lining.  Similarly, vertical zone can be divided into pre-heat zone, calcinating zone and cooling zone.

The Outstanding Advantages Of Vertical Kiln

Clever dust collection system, smoke discharging under standard

The dedusting system is ingenious, and the flue gas can be discharged under the standard. The fume and office dust are mixed into the bag dusting system. It solves the problem that the filter bag is damaged by the high temperature of single flue gas dust removal and the flue gas contains a certain amount of tar, which is easy to block the pores of the filter bag. Before dust removed, mixed with Cao dust can turn the sticky tar into easily filtered particle dust, and can reduce the temperature of the flue gas, eliminating the need to often open the wind valve cooling and waste of wind power. The designed emission is less than 50mg/m3, and the measured emission is between 30-40mg/m3. After the dedusting, the emission is very small.

Scientific process, maximize the use of heat.

The burden in the process of decline, the complex heat exchange with the hot gas is accompanied by the decomposition of limestone and lime product grain growth process. When the process is complete, it has been cooling to 40-60 ℃, then the dish DaChu aircraft and rigid impeller lock air valve has no leakage of combustion-supporting wind to the lime to belt outside the furnace. The hoist < 5 mm and > 5 mm lime discharged into different bin respectively. Combustion air from the fan from the lower part of furnace charging, overcoming material grain resistances up from the bottom to the top. Under the attract of dust removal fan, flue gas through the pipeline to filter dust removal. As a result of the action of induced draft fan, the material surface above slightly negative pressure formed inside the dense zone is around 10 pa (-), so the negative pressure to ensure the furnace airflow is smooth. It’s very beneficial to calcinated limestone’s decomposition, induced draft fan will all introduced flue gas dust purification, and then from bacon standards emissions into the atmosphere.

Automatic control

The old compact limestone furnace had almost no automatic control. Someone once jokingly called it “blind man kiln”. The basic automation system of Jxs vertical compact should include the following aspects. Mixing automation: precise weighing of limestone and coke (coal), pre-mixing of weighed raw materials evenly, lifting feeding. Feeding, cloth automation: automatically lift the hopper, adjustable feeding speed, adjustable distributor evenly. Rotating cloth: material speed, multi-point blanking, point-type cloth, and continuous cloth can be realized, and the level meter for probing materials can be started. Ash automation: start the disk-type aircraft and seal valve at the time or the height of the material surface to cooperate with the conveying of ash and finished ash. Computer instrument system: temperature measurement in a four-layer multi-point furnace is completed. Monitor flue gas pressure and temperature on top of furnace. Gray temperature was detected. Detect and automatically adjust the pressure and flow of combustion air.

This control system can complete the production of active lime from input to output of the fully automated production. A two-stage microcomputer system composed of PLC and computer or PLC field bus network system is adopted.