Chinese leading rotary kiln supplier

AGICO manufactures all kinds of rotary kiln products for various industries, such as cement production plant, construction, chemicals and metallurgy. The main products include cement kiln, lime rotary kiln and more.


The rotary kiln is always used as a piece of professional machinery for heavy industries. As a chinese leading manufacturer, AGICO not only offers all kinds of rotary kiln and related products, but also provide the complete solution of calcination for various materials.

Rotary kiln products

cement kiln for sale

Cement Kiln

Cement kiln is a device for bedding for dry cement and wet cement clinker production line. Cement kiln can also be applied to other sectors such as metallurgy.

lime rotary kiln for sale

Lime Rotary Kiln

Lime rotary kiln has advanced structure and reliable combined scale-like seal in ends to make sure it's air leakage coefficient is less than 10 percent

shaft kiln for sale

shaft kiln

Shaft kiln, just as its name implies, is a kiln with erected shape. Shaft kiln with modern new technology is a kiln with lots of advantages and functions .

sponge rotary kiln for sale

Sponge Iron Kiln

Sponge rotary kiln is a device for producing sponge iron. It has reasonable structure, stable performance and other function s and advantages.

activated carbon rotary kiln for sale

Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln

Activated carbon rotary kiln is one of the equipments with high utilization rate for processing activated carbon.

gypsum rotary kiln for sale

Gypsum Rotary Kiln

Gypsum is mainly used in construction engineering, mold processing, chemical industry, cement adjustment industry.

indirect-fired rotary kiln foe sale

Indirect-fired Rotary Kiln

Indirect-fired rotary kiln has combustion chamber on peripheral barrel.The heat is transferred to the material through the cylinder.

clinker rotary kiln for sale

Clinker Rotary Kiln

Clinker is opposite to raw material. Clinker refers to sintered ore or pellet produced by the high-temperature agglomeration.

rotary kiln for calcium aluminate for sale

Rotary Kiln For Calcium Aluminate

Calcium aluminate rotary kiln is the equipment mainly for calcining cement clinker.

rotary kiln for ceramsite for sale

Rotary Kiln For Ceramsite

Rotary kiln for ceramsite is widely used in construction sector which can builds wall panels, bricks and many infrastruction.

rotary kiln for limonite for sale

rotary kiln for limonite

Rotary kiln for lime plays a important role in energy saving and costs reduction in steel enterprises and others.

rotary kiln for carbon for sale

Rotary kiln for carbon

Rotary kiln for carbon generally has great thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and high purity.

rotary kiln for magnesium for sale

Rotary Kiln For Magnesium

Rotary kiln for magnesium mental is a professional machine for calcining magnesium metal and other materials.

rotary kiln for alumina for sale

Rotary Kiln For Alumina

Rotary kiln for alumina is a high-end equipment combined with domestic advanced technology and foreign progressive technology.

rotary kiln for magnesium oxide for sale

Rotary Kiln For Magnesium Oxide

Rotary kiln for magnesium oxide is a kind of kiln calcinating smashed magnesium powder and others.

bauxite rotary kiln

Bauxite rotary kiln

Bauxite rotary kiln consists of steel shell, tire, drive gear, kiln hood, kiln seal, burner pipe, kiln head guard and kiln tail return spoon .

Our Advantages

Environmental friendly

In order to better satisfy the environmental requirement, AGICO keeps upgrading the rotary kiln system, especially the water treatment, the desulfurization performance of the fuel and the proper treatment of the sulfur content.

Lower energy consumption

We never stop improving the fabrication procedure with evolutionary technology. The enhanced pre-heater and main burner make the whole rotary kiln system use less fuel while maintaining an even better calcination result.

Higher output

By analyzing the production statistics and improve it constantly, the daily productivity of our new rotary kiln is very close to the machinery from the world-leading players, especially for the lime rotary kiln and large cement rotary kiln.

Newly designed structure

Our open-type calcination design ensures a free interior airflow, it enables the gas inside the rotary kiln discharge timely. The simple structure also allows the material to move fluidly inside the rotary kiln so that the material can be heated evenly. This further guarantees a stable output.

Enhanced pre-heater

The new enhanced pre-heater is installed at the kiln tail part. It largely improves the usage of the high-temperature air inside the rotary kiln to increase the efficiency of the pre-heating and decomposition, saving fuel.

Enhanced vertical cooler

Our lime rotary kiln is equipped with an enhanced vertical type cooler. This cooler can cool down the lime faster while increasing the lime activity, which results in easier storage and transportation and less energy consumption.

Reasonable working condition

The temperature of the material inside the rotary kiln is around 1550℃ while the air temperature is around 1600-1700℃. The organic matter in the water residual can be cleaned up to 98%. Our rotary kiln has a longer length and a longer retention time for the material.

Better tail gas treatment

The waste gas is emitted via a longer channel, fine cooling process and a dust collection system. The content of dust and polluted air is largely reduced. It can meet the regulation requirement for emission. The collected dust can be utilized again by feeding back to the raw material preparation system. The discharged gas from kiln head and tail can be used from waste heat power generation.

AGICO group mainly focuses on major and medium series of rotary kiln products such as cement kiln, lime rotary kiln, shaft kiln, and sponge rotary kiln. Located in Anyang of China, AGICO owns a large heavy industrial factory, it has more than 100 pieces of equipment such as large and medium mental process machines,  riveting equipment and assembly equipment with 200 staff and 50 managers and engineers. 

Since AGICO company started, we earn great social and economic benefits. AGICO passed ISO9001-2000 certification. The products are sold at home and abroad, which well received by users.

rotary kiln manufacturing factory
AGICO has a full-functional factory for rotary kiln fabrication

More about rotary kiln

What is a rotary kiln? As a piece of key equipment, the rotary kiln plays an increasingly important role in the cement production industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry and more. The major function of a rotary kiln is to calcinate various materials in a very high temperature environment. During the calcination process, the raw material turns into the desired end products via a series of physical and chemical reactions.

Rotary kiln is not a whole block. It combined with different parts. The main structure contains kiln head, kiln body, kiln tail, support frame, preheating tower, cooler and conveyor. Kiln head consists of an inspection port, coal nozzle, and observation hole. Its diameter is longer than rotary kiln’s. Kiln body of rotary kiln is the main part of rotary kiln. Its general length is from 30 to 150 meters. It should be laminated refractory brick before running. Kiln tail looks a lot like a lid. It is in the feed end. It is also important which undertakes the ability to feed. Rotary kiln’s support frame makes kiln more firm. It makes the machine more convenient for lifting and transporting.