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How to Prepared Activated Carbon from Olive Stone?

Activated carbon prepared from olive stone is an important fruit stone activated carbon product. Due to its porous structure and multi-faceted nature, fruit stone activated carbon such as activated carbon prepared from date stones has strong oil removal, solid particle removal, easy softening utensils, and other high-quality characteristics in water, and is widely used in oil and gas fields. Oily wastewater treatment, industrial Treatment of sewage, and domestic sewage. Activated carbon prepared from olive stone is a new generation of filter material that replaces quartz sand filter material, improves the water body, and greatly reduces sewage treatment costs.

Raw material

Olive stone

Other fruit stone raw materials

Date stones

Material Advantages

Olive is a subtropical fruit-producing tree that likes warm temperatures and grows in areas with an average annual temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Olives are mostly produced in southern China, the Mediterranean coast, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and other tropical regions.

Olive stones are an important by-product of the olive oil extraction industry, with a wide range of sources and a large scale. Olive stones account for about 10% of the weight of olive fruit, and the content of fixed and elemental carbon in olive stones is about 16% and 47%, respectively, which is recognized as the one with the highest carbon content among various fruit stones.

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The Production Process of Fruit Stone Activated Carbon

Activated carbon production process

The agricultural and forestry fruit stone waste is crushed and dried and then put into the carbonization furnace through the equipment.

In an inert atmosphere, control the flow rate of the carrier gas, heat the carbonization furnace for carbonization, and set the carbonization time.

After the activated carbon reaction of the fruit stone is completed, transfer the solid residue to the activation furnace, use the mixed gas of water vapor and carbon dioxide as the activation gas, control the size of the activation gas of the equipment, heat the carbon activation furnace for activation, set the activation time, and get the fruit stone activated carbon.

Why Choose New Fruit Stone Activated Carbon Production Technology

The above-mentioned production method uses the discarded fruit stones of agricultural crops as raw materials to make activated carbon and effectively utilizes resources, which can overcome and alleviate the problems of fossil energy shortage and environmental pollution, and at the same time realize the transformation of solid waste into treasure and obtain huge social benefits. benefits and economic benefits.

The fruit stone activated carbon of the above-mentioned production method adopts an inert atmosphere, and the production method of the activation process adopts a mixed gas of carbon dioxide and water vapor, so that the gas generated in the whole process can be reused for heating, energy saving and environmental protection, and can well reduce waste emissions and reduce Environmental pollution is conducive to the development and promotion of the whole process.

The production process of fruit stone activated carbon is compact, the layout is reasonable, and the production process is very simple, the energy consumption is relatively small, the operation is relatively convenient, and it has a good industrial application prospect.

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