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Activated Carbon Regeneration Plant

 carbon regeneration kiln

Carbon Regeneration Plant Specification

Output range: 3,000-10,000 T/Y

Applications: Purified activated carbon, decolorized activated carbon, gas purification activated carbon, water purification activated carbon, and various granular activated carbons, crumb activated carbons, and columnar activated carbons.

Customized service: AGICO activated carbon regeneration kiln can provide customized services according to the customer’s raw material type, size, output, and various special needs.

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What is Activated Carbon Regeneration

Activated carbon regeneration (activated carbon reactivation) is an operation and method that brings about changes in the external environment of activated carbon through external stimuli, reactivates the active ingredients, and achieves the purpose of repeated use. Most of the used activated carbons have lost their adsorption properties, or their adsorption capacity has been greatly reduced. In this case, a device is needed to heat the activated carbon at a high temperature again and inject steam to restore its adsorption capacity. This device is an activated carbon regeneration plant.

Activated Carbon Regeneration Process

The waste activated carbon is first sent to the drying furnace for drying. During the drying process, the volatile organic compounds adsorbed in the activated carbon are desorbed under the action of high temperature, converted into waste gas, and emitted together with water vapor. Most organic matter is carbonized and adsorbed in the activated carbon voids during the carbonization process. During the activation process, the remaining organic compounds are pyrolyzed at a higher temperature. The spent activated carbon is activated in the presence of a quantitative oxidant (water vapor or a small amount of oxygen). The activated carbon restores the original voids and creates more developed new pores to achieve the purpose of regeneration of waste-activated carbon.

Waste flue gas treatment in the activated carbon reactivation process

Pressure method:Negative pressure
Flue gas collection method:Hard connection
Collection efficiency:100%

Waste flue gas will be produced in the activated carbon regeneration process. The hazardous waste gas treatment device equipped in the activated carbon regeneration production line can treat these exhaust gases and can remove most of the substances that are harmful to the environment, and then discharge the waste exhaust gas into the atmosphere. The main pollutants in the waste gas of the activated carbon regeneration process include soot, acid components (SO2, NO2, HCI, HF) CO, dioxins, etc. The flue gas purification device can cool, deacidify and dedust the combustion flue gas, and effectively control the generation of dioxins and other harmful substances.

Emergency treatment measures for flue gas treatment system

Spark catcher

The flue gas purification system is provided with a spark catcher at the main flow. When the flue gas purification system cannot operate normally (such as water cut, equipment damage, etc.), the spark catcher can prevent sparks from burning and destroying subsequent equipment.

Automatic alarm device of carbon regeneration kiln

When the main equipment or auxiliary equipment fails, the rotary kiln will stop running immediately and send out an alarm signal. At this time, it is only necessary to open the bypass switch of the bag dust collector, and the residual flue gas in the flue will enter the lye spray tower for spraying and demisting. After that, the flue gas enters the activated carbon adsorption tower for treatment and is discharged through the induced draft fan.

Outstanding Advantages of Activated Carbon Regeneration Plant

The feeding adopts a dust-free negative pressure whole package feeding system, which is clean and dust-free.

The feeding adopts a resistance pushing structure, which will not affect the feeding due to the sticky characteristics of the powdered charcoal, and at the same time has the effect of anaerobic feeding.

The activated carbon regeneration plant adopts the countercurrent external heat method, which greatly improves the regeneration yield. Compared with the 20% regeneration yield of the previously activated carbon, the regeneration yield of the new regeneration production line can reach 60%-80%.

The activated carbon collection system adopts the rapid cooling collection method. The regenerated high-temperature activated carbon is rapidly quenched and collected. It greatly reduces the loss of ignition of activated carbon in the presence of oxygen and improves the regeneration yield of activated carbon again.

Successful Activated Carbon Regeneration Plant Cases Show

Yancheng activated carbon regeneration plant project

Material: hazardous waste activated carbon

Output: 10,000 T/Y

Customers are mainly engaged in sewage treatment, tap water treatment, the pharmaceutical industry, and the regeneration of hazardous waste activated carbon in the chemical industry. In cooperation with AGICO, we have successively built one granular activated carbon regeneration plant, two powdered activated carbon regeneration plants, two sets of powdered activated carbon drying equipment, and a set of activated carbon impurity removal and screening equipment.

Project AddressEquipmentQuantityAnnual CapacityCooperation MethodDate
PhilippinesActivated carbon regeneration plant &
Activated carbon screening plant
1 set5000 tonsEPC2016
RussiaActivated carbon regeneration production line1 set5000 tonsEPC2017
MalaysiaActivated carbon regeneration plant1 set10,000 tonsMain equipment general contract2018
IndonesiaHazardous waste activated carbon recycling project1 set20,000 tonsEPC2019
LanzhouHazardous waste activated carbon regeneration equipment1 set20,000 tonsEPC2019
Changzhou12,000 tons of hazardous waste activated carbon regeneration production line &
10,000 tons of solid waste activated carbon regeneration production line
1 set 22,000 tonsEPC2019
Sri LankaHazardous waste activated carbon regeneration production line1 set15,000 tonsEPC2020
NingxiaActivated carbon regeneration production equipment1 set5000 tonsEPC2021
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