Carbon Activation Plant

Carbon Activation Plant

Activation Plant Specification

Output range: 2.6-8 T/D

Applications: The activation plant is widely used in the activation of wood-based activated carbon, coal-based activated carbon, fruit core carbon, and other carbon raw materials.

Customized service: Due to the wide variety of carbonization materials used for activated carbon production, the quality requirements for activated carbon products are also different, so activation equipment needs to be customized around special needs. We provide the activated carbon manufacturing process service you need.

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What is Carbon Activation Plant

Carbon activation plant is continuous production equipment used to produce high-quality activated carbon from carbon raw materials by means of physical activation. Carbon activation plants can be used in the activation process of biomass carbonization materials, charcoal, and coal-based carbon. The carbonized material is obtained by the carbonization plant, and the raw materials of the biomass carbonized material are various, including but not limited to coconut shell, apricot shell, palm shell, nut shell, fruit shell, sawdust, rice husk, straw, etc.

The main equipment of the activation production line is the carbon activation kiln. The final product activated carbon produced by the continuous activation kiln produced by AGICO has high quality and can be widely used in water purification and other fields.

Activation Process

activated carbon manufacturing process

In the activated carbon manufacturing process, after the carbonized material enters the high-temperature activation furnace, under the action of the activation medium steam, the steam is fully contacted with the carbon material to be activated, and a reduction reaction occurs, thereby completing the activation process. During the period, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other hydrocarbon gases will be produced, and the purpose of creating pores in the carbon particles is achieved through the gasification reaction of carbon.

The main equipment of the activation plant includes a material silo, elevator, feeder, carbon activation kiln, temperature measurement device, PLC control cabinet, cooling device, settling chamber, fan, and dust removal device.

MaterialHard wood-based charcoal materialsCarbonized materialMoisture <1%; particle size 1-10cm; ash <5%
Activated carbonIodine adsorption value>1100mg/s; methylene blue>10ml/01.gDischarge temperature350-400℃
Temperature after cooling<50℃Total power<100kw
Steam volume1.5-3t/h (saturated superheated steam)Steam pressure8kg
Steam flow rate1.5-2t/hActivation inlet temperature900-950℃
Activation furnace inlet temperature950-1050℃Equipped with induced draft fanPower 420kw; air volume 20,000m³/h; wind pressure 1300mpa
Feeding methodElevator live spiral feederActivation conditionsSaturated superheated steam + high temperature + penetration activation
Flue gas compositionWood tar wood vinegar liquid, water, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbonDust removal methodCyclone collector + cloth bag dust collector + water bath spraying device
Cooling methodConverter natural cooling tube + external cooling water bath converterFire-resistant materialSteel wire fiber castables shaped high alumina refractory knife brick
Refractory material high-temperature resistance>1300℃Insulation thickness>40cm
Flue gas volume10,000m³/hTemperature sensing thermocoupleQuantity: 3; high-temperature resistance >1200℃
Technical parameters of activation plant

Outstanding Advantages of Activation Equipment

As the largest activated carbon plant machinery manufacturer in Asia, AGICO has dozens of core patented technologies in the fields of high-end activated carbon production, activated carbon equipment technology development, and hazardous waste activated carbon regeneration technology. The annual export value of activated carbon production equipment can reach 200 million Yuan, and the market share of activated carbon equipment in Asia can reach 55%.

Activated carbon produced by AGICO activation plant

Full steam activation ambience

The new activation kiln designed by AGICO adopts a full steam activation ambience, which can effectively improve the activation effect of activated carbon. We have the core technology of high-end activated carbon production equipment, designed activation furnace production line with high production efficiency, and high quality of finished activated carbon.

Continuous operation mode to support large-scale production

Activated carbon rotary kiln is a device that uses physical methods, that is, high temperature + steam, to continuously activate carbon raw materials for production. Activated carbon rotary kiln can carry out continuous long-term uninterrupted production, with a large production capacity. The finished product quality indicators such as methylene blue adsorption value, iodine value, and other indicators are excellent.

Flexible and convenient operation, lower labor cost

All activated carbon activation equipment adopts a PLC control system, which changes the traditional operation mode, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and greatly saves labor costs. The quality and safety of the activated carbon production process are controllable, which effectively improves production efficiency.

Successful Carbon Activation Plant Cases Show

Peru gold mine activated carbon activation plant project

Material: coconut shell carbon

Output: 5T/D

Gold mines require a lot of activated carbon, and have higher requirements on the methylene blue adsorption value and iodine value of the finished activated carbon. AGICO activated carbon activation production line uses steam physical activation method to activate coconut shell carbon raw materials, which can meet the needs of customers for high-quality activated carbon and achieve a sufficient supply of activated carbon.

Peru gold mine activated carbon activation plant project
Project AddressEquipmentQuantityAnnual CapacityCooperation MethodDate
YunnanActivated carbon carbonization equipment & Activated carbon activation equipment & Crushing and screening equipment1 set1500 tonsEPC with technical cooperation2016
ThailandActivated carbon carbonization production line & Activated carbon crushing and screening production line4 sets8000 tonsEPC2017
Chinese Academy of ForestryCarbon cooler & screw conveyor1 set10,000 tonsEPC2018
RussiaActivated carbon activation plant1 set10,000 tonsEPC2019
IndonesiaActivated carbon carbonization equipment & Activated carbon activation equipment1 set4000 tonsEPC2021
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