Carbon Carbonization Plant

Carbon Carbonization

Carbonization Plant Specification

  • Output range: 8-25T/D
  • Applications: The carbonization production line can be used for the carbonization of coal, wood, fruit shells, and fruit stones.
  • Customized service: Customized service can be provided according to the customer’s raw material type, size, output, and various special needs.

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What is Carbonization Plant

The carbonization plant is composed of a series of carbonization equipment such as feeding device, rotary carbonization kiln, control and detection system, exhaust gas treatment device, and other auxiliary devices. Coal materials and wood chips, coconut shells, peanut shells, rice husks, nut shells, palm shells, wood blocks, and other carbon-containing wood materials are subjected to dry distillation, anaerobic carbonization, and other processes in the AGICO carbonization production line to obtain carbonized materials.

Carbonization Process

Carbonization Process

The carbonization process is one of the essential processes in producing activated carbon by gas activation. The carbonization process is to heat the raw material in a carbonization furnace in isolation of air to reduce the non-carbon elements in the raw material, and finally obtain a carbonized material suitable for the activation process.

The main carbonization equipment of the carbonization production line includes the material silo, elevator, feeder, carbonization furnace, temperature measurement device, PLC control cabinet, cooling device, settling chamber, fan, and dust removal device.

MaterialHard woody materialDischarge temperature350-400℃
Raw materialMoisture<15%; Granularity1-20cm; Ash<3%Finished carbonized materialMoisture <1%; Ash <5%; Volatile fraction 15-18%; particle size 1-10cm; Iodine adsorption value 120-200mg/s
Total power<100kwTemperature after cooling<50℃
Steam volume1.5-3t/h (saturated superheated steam)Steam pressure8kg
Steam flow rate1.5-2t/hCarbonization inlet temperature600-800℃
Temperature inside the carbonization furnace<650℃Flue gas incinerator temperature850-900℃
Feeding methodLifting machine live spiral feederCarbonization conditionsAnoxic carbonization
Equipment materialQ345 heat-resistant steelInsulation thickness>40cm
Refractory material aluminum content>45℃Refractory material with high-temperature resistance>1300℃
Flue gas volume15,000m³/hTemperature sensing thermocoupleQuantity: 5; High-temperature resistance >1200℃
Flue gas compositionWood tar wood vinegar liquid, water, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbonDust removal methodCyclone collector + cloth bag dust collector + water bath spraying device
Fire-resistant materialSteel wire fiber castables shaped high alumina refractory knife brickEquipped with induced draft fanPower 40kw; air volume 35,000m³/h; wind pressure 2530mpa
Technical parameters of carbonization plant

Outstanding Advantages of Carbonization Equipment

AGICO has more than ten years of experience in the manufacture and production of activated carbon machines and has produced carbonization plant equipment that can produce high-efficiency carbonized materials and use the waste heat of exhaust gas to generate water vapor.

a variety of biomass raw materials
Carbon-containing wood materials
a variety of biomass raw materials

Carbon-containing wood materials

The carbonization kiln can be used for a variety of biomass raw materials, which can be used for woodblock material, fruit stone material, powder material, and continuous carbonization of granular material and scrap material, with small limitations and high compatibility.

Smokeless carbonization design

Adopting a new innovative structure, the combustion exhaust gas can be discharged up to the standard, and the combustion flue gas can be fully utilized to achieve smokeless carbonization during the operation process.

Continuous operation and large-scale production

The continuous carbonization kiln overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional batch carbonization kiln, and through innovation, it can carry out efficient continuous production. The new continuous carbonization kiln is based on the drum carbonization kiln, and it is iteratively upgraded to help users achieve large-scale production.

Low energy consumption and green production

The carbonization production line makes full use of the waste heat of the exhaust gas, and the overall equipment consumes less electricity and lowers energy consumption. The indicators of the finished carbonized material of the carbonization production line are highly in line with the strict standards for the production of activated carbon. The carbonization equipment has a high degree of automation, which greatly saves labor costs.

Successful Carbonization Plant Cases Show

Azerbaijan carbonization production line project

Material: fruit stones

Output: 1t/h

The raw material of this carbonization production line is fruit stone, which is designed to produce high-quality fruit stone charcoal and hookah charcoal. The fixed carbon content of the finished products of the carbonization production line can reach more than 95%. The main carbonization processes are drying, carbonization, cooling, crushing, mixing, pressing, product drying, and packaging.

Azerbaijan carbonization production line project
Project AddressEquipmentQuantityAnnual CapacityCooperation MethodDate
Xinjiang HamiInternal heating carbonization furnace2 sets2000 tonsEPC2015
ThailandActivated carbon carbonization production line
& Activated carbon activation production line
1+2 sets4000 tonsEPC2015
HainanBiomass carbonization furnace & biomass pyrolysis activation furnace & combustion heating furnace and control system1 set6000 tonsEPC2016
Sri LankaActivated carbon drying equipment & activated carbon carbonization furnace & crushing and screening equipment & activated carbon testing instrument1+2+1+1 sets2000 tonsEPC2017
ShandongActivated carbon full automatic plant2 sets6000 tonsEPC2018
SuzhouHazardous waste activated carbon recycling project1 set20,000 tonsEPC2019
IndonesiaGranular activated carbon regeneration equipment & powder activated carbon regeneration and activation equipment & powder activated carbon carbon drying equipment & impurity screening equipment1+2+2+1 sets10,000 tonsEPC2020
St. Petersburg, RussiaHazardous waste activated carbon regeneration production line1 set5000 tonsEPC2021
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