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Coal Dryer Machine

coal dryer machine

Coal Dryer Machine Specification

Production capacity: 0.4-103 t/h

Supported fuels: steam waste heat, coal gas, natural gas, coal and other fuels.

Applicable materials: various coal materials such as raw coal, coal slime, lignite, anthracite, bituminous coal, washed coal, etc.

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When discussing the importance of coal in industrial usage, we often overlook a key factor: moisture. Wet coal, which contains higher levels of moisture, is an inevitable byproduct of coal mining. However, before industrial utilization, wet coal needs to undergo drying treatment to reduce its moisture content. Why is that? This is because high moisture content can adversely affect the combustion efficiency and calorific value of coal, leading to energy waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, the emergence of coal dryer machines is crucial. These coal dryers effectively reduce the moisture content of wet coal, thereby improving its combustion efficiency and utilization value.

Washed coal
Washed coal
Bituminous coal
Bituminous coal

Traditional dryers have not been improved to cater to the characteristics of coal. Therefore, using traditional dryers for coal drying is difficult, with the process being hard to control. The resulting product from traditional drying machines often has uneven moisture content, with the exterior being dry while the interior remains wet. Moreover, traditional rotary dryers are costly and unsuitable for coal drying. With the advancement of technology, new types of coal rotary dryers have emerged. AGICO has developed coal dryers specifically designed for coal drying, taking into account the unique drying characteristics of different types of coal. These coal dryer machines offer advantages such as high processing capacity, low drying costs, minimal wear and tear, and stable operation, making them bestsellers in the market for many years.

Coal Dryer Machine Process

The coal rotary dryer adopts a low-temperature four-stage drying process to ensure the quality of dried coal remains unchanged, reducing the moisture content of coal to below 13%.

Coal Dryer Machine Process

In the first drying zone, most of the moisture is removed at 400°C under high humidity conditions, ensuring that the chemical composition of coal remains unchanged and is less prone to combustion.

The second drying zone operates at room temperature of 300°C, using medium-temperature strong airflow to efficiently remove moisture, preventing the coal from coking.

The third drying zone maintains an indoor temperature ranging from 120°C to 210°C. Utilizing crushing devices inside the drum, the material is repeatedly impacted and dispersed, undergoing concurrent drying.

The fourth drying zone, designated as the high-exhaust zone, operates at a temperature of 60°C to 80°C. Utilizing a negative pressure airflow system efficiently removes moisture.

ModelVolume of the drum(m³)Capacity(t/h)Installation slope(%)Maximum intake temperature (℃)Main motor power(kw)Weight(t)
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Coal Dryer System for Sale

We not only offer individual coal dryers but also provide comprehensive solutions for coal drying production lines to our customers. A series of equipment in the coal drying plant is collectively referred to as the coal dryer system, aiming to meet the customer’s needs for the entire coal drying process, from raw material feeding to finished product discharge, forming a complete chain. The coal dryer system typically includes multiple key pieces of equipment, such as coal dryers, belt conveyors, mixers, wet coal storage bins, furnaces, fans, temperature control systems, drive devices, dust collectors, etc., each playing a crucial role in the coal production line.

Coal dryer machine
Coal dryer machine

We design and configure a complete set of coal drying plant equipment suitable for their production process based on the customer’s specific requirements and production scale. Our professional team provides personalized design solutions according to the customer’s requirements and ensures the installation, commissioning, and operation of the equipment. Whether our customers are in the coal production, energy industry, or other fields, we are committed to providing them with efficient and reliable coal drying solutions to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve sustainable development.

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