Girth Gear

Girth Gear Specification

  • Materials: ZG35CrMo, ZG35, etc
  • Heat treatment method: Annealing, normalizing, quenching, or tempering
  • Certification: ISO, SGS
  • Application: Rotary kiln, ball mill, rotary dryer, etc.

The girth gear is also called the large ring gear, which is the key component for the normal rotation of the rotary kiln. Large girth gears are also commonly used in ball mills, dryers, and other large machinery. AGICO uses rigid-strength steel for the casting of the large ring gear. The blank is tempered and normalized to refine the structure and homogenize the metallographic structure so that the finished large gear can meet the mechanical performance standards, and the processing of the hobbing on the large gear The precision is built according to the GB standard and meets the various indicators for exporting overseas.

Large Ring Gear for Ball Mill and Dryer
Large Ring Gear for Ball Mill and Dryer

AGICO CEMENT has many years of experience in the production of cement equipment castings and can manufacture girth gears, rotary kiln tyres, supporting rollers, and other components. When buying rotary kiln girth gear, choose AGICO, the mass production is more efficient, the casting cycle is short, and the product quality is also higher.

How to Correctly Install the Rotary Kiln Girth Gear

As one of the most critical components in the rotary kiln transmission, the correct installation of the kiln girth gear directly affects the stability of the rotary kiln transmission system, the stability of the rotary kiln operation, the service life of the kiln lining, and the operation rate of the rotary kiln.

Due to the large size of the large gear, the limited manufacturing capacity of the foundry, and the need for road transportation, and on-site installation, the large gear is usually made into two semicircles or a larger number of blocks. During on-site installation, it needs to be assembled, connected together with corresponding bolts and fixed on the kiln body tangentially through the spring plate.

The large ring gear is generally installed near the middle of the rotary kiln cylinder so that the cylinder can be evenly stressed during operation, away from the heating end, and with less dust. To ensure the normal operation of the rotary kiln, the girth gear must be properly installed on the cylinder, and the centerline of the girth gear must coincide with the centerline of the cylinder. There are two ways of linking the big gear and the kiln body: tangential connection and axial connection.

Install the Rotary Kiln Girth Gear
Install the Rotary Kiln Girth Gear

Tangential connection

The kiln girth gear is fixed on the spring plate in the tangential direction of the cylinder. One end is tangentially fixed with the backing plate and the kiln body, and the other end is combined with the kiln girth gear by bolts. The backing plate can be inserted at the joint so that the girth gear can be adjusted. The center is aligned with the center of the kiln body.

Axial connection

The axial connection is to fix the girth gear on the elastic steel plate parallel to the cylinder. There are two circles of backing plate seats on the kiln body, and there are 8-15 elastic steel plates in the middle frame, which are fixed on the cylinder body together with the backing plate by rivets. The girth gear is fixed to the steel plate with screws. When the transmission equipment is installed, the centerlines of the girth gear and the pinion gear should be kept parallel.

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