Kaolin Rotary Kiln

Kaolin rotary kiln(China clay rotary kiln) is professional production equipment for calcining kaolin. In the kaolin sintering process, the temperature of the rotary kiln used needs to reach 950℃ or higher. Kaolin clay rotary kiln is also called kaolin calciner, and can also be used for the calcination of clay, kaolin clay, bauxite, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, and other materials.

Application of Kaolin Rotary Kiln

In recent years, with the wider application of calcined kaolin, kaolin rotary kiln has developed rapidly in the kaolin development industry.

Application of Kaolin Rotary Kiln
Application of Kaolin Rotary Kiln

Calcined kaolin has high whiteness, softness, easy dispersion and suspension in water, good plasticity, high cohesiveness, etc. Therefore, calcined kaolin has become a popular choice in more than a dozen industries such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, medicine, and national defense—necessary mineral raw materials.

With the development of science and technology, the application fields of kaolin are more extensive, and some high-tech fields have begun to use kaolin as new material. Even the high-temperature porcelain parts of atomic reactors, space shuttles, and spacecraft need to be made of kaolin.

Kaolin is also widely used in the paper industry. One is used as a filler in the papermaking process, and the other is used as a pigment in the surface coating process.

Working Principle of Kaolin Clay Rotary Kiln

The working process of kaolin calciner is mainly the process of sintering clinker with kaolin raw materials under the action of high temperature.

Working Principle of Kaolin Clay Rotary Kiln
Working Principle of Kaolin Clay Rotary Kiln

When the kaolin rotary kiln starts to work, the kaolin raw material enters the cylinder from the kiln end through the preheater and is rolled forward in the circumferential direction along the direction of the cylinder, driven by the inclination angle of the cylinder and the slow rotation, and at the same time along the direction of the cylinder. A compound movement of axial movement from the higher end to the lower end. After the kaolin material is decomposed and fired in the kiln, calcined kaolin clinker is obtained, which is then discharged from the kiln head, that is, the lower end, and then sent to the cooler for cooling.

Technical Parameters of China Clay Rotary Kiln

Specifications(m)Angle of Inclination(%)Capacity(t/h)Rotate speed(r/min)Motor power(kw)Total weight(t)

Performance Advantages of Kaolin Rotary Kiln

  • The kiln body part of the Kaolin rotary kiln produced by AGICO is made of alloy plate material, which has excellent wear resistance and is welded by precision welding technology. This makes the barrel of the rotary kiln have both superior wear resistance, compression resistance, and corrosion resistance. According to years of data, its service life can be more than 3 times that of ordinary rotary kilns.
  • We have adopted the latest technology in the motor selection and circuit design, so that the operating energy consumption and power consumption of the rotary kiln are at a lower level than similar products, thus effectively reducing the operating cost.
  • AGICO kaolin kiln adopts a large-scale design, the cylinder volume is larger, the kaolin material processing capacity is increased, and the output is also increased by 30%-40%.
  • For kaolin, bauxite and zinc oxide, and other materials, the calcination efficiency is high, the calcination is more thorough, and the grade and recycling rate of the calcined product is improved.

Breakthrough in Ultrafine Kaolin Calcination Process

Kaolin Clay Rotary Kiln
Kaolin Clay Rotary Kiln

The kaolinite clay rotary kiln developed by AGICO adopts the medium temperature control technology to obtain the finished calcined ultrafine kaolin. This calcination technology has low energy consumption and high output, and the product is dehydrated, decarburized, and whitened, and its performance is more stable.

The kaolin calciner is the most important equipment in the kaolin production process and can be called the “heart” of the kaolin factory. The medium temperature calcined ultrafine kaolin technology represents a new development direction in the kaolin calcination industry.

AGICO has more than 20 years of rich experience in the design and production of rotary kiln equipment. Our cement rotary kiln, gypsum rotary kiln, activated carbon rotary kiln, and other products are widely sold in more than 50 countries and regions and are recognized by many customers.

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