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Rotary Kiln Tyre

rotary kiln tyre

Kiln Tyre Specification

  • Materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, or according to customer requirements
  • Weight: 5-80t Certification: ISO, SGS
  • Heat treatment method: Annealing, normalizing, quenching, or tempering
  • Application: Rotary kiln, rotary dryer, etc

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The rotary kiln tyre, also known as the kiln ring tyre or riding ring, is a circular steel ring that is sleeved on the rotary kiln cylinder and fixed by the baffle plate and the splint. As an important rotary kiln part, the use of the kiln tyre can effectively transfer the weight of the rotary part of the rotary kiln to the supporting roller part of the rotary kiln. The supporting rollers and other bearing supports carry the full weight of the rotating part.

The kiln ring tyre mainly bears three kinds of forces during the operation of the kiln body, temperature difference stress, bending stress and contact stress. If these stresses are too large, the ring tyre will be damaged or even broken. When the rotary kiln is running, the cylinder will drive the kiln riding ring to rotate, and the kiln riding ring and the supporting roller will produce friction, which will cause the riding ring to wear to a certain extent. Therefore, the material selection and casting of the kiln ring tyre need to have a certain degree of wear resistance.

kiln ring tyre
Casting kiln ring tyres for rotary kiln and rotary dryer

The rotary kiln tyres produced by AGICO are made of high-quality cast steel materials, and the process quality of each link is strictly controlled to ensure that the rotary kiln tires have sufficient rigidity, strength, and durability. Buying kiln tires from professional rotary kiln accessories manufacturers can not only strengthen the radial stiffness and strength of the cylinder but also effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

How to Make A Rotary Kiln Tyre?

1. Digital simulation and modeling

AGICO uses the CAE professional simulation system to digitally simulate the casting process, and conduct process analysis and quality prediction for the production process of the kiln tyre. AGICO has professional casting tools, the overall size and accuracy are all controlled by microelectronics, and the water glass sand molding process is used to prevent the occurrence of hot cracks in castings. With the use of pit shape, it is not affected by factors such as seasons, and the production efficiency is higher.

Kiln Tyre Production Process

2. Pouring and heat treatment

The high-quality raw materials and the required auxiliary materials are put into the electric arc furnace for smelting according to a certain proportion. During this process, the molten iron is sampled for spectral analysis. After passing the test, pouring will be carried out according to the principle of “low temperature and quick pouring”, and the pouring time and temperature will be strictly recorded.

3. Grinding and flaw detection

Grinding and flaw detection procedures are required for the poured kiln tyres. By grinding, the appearance of the kiln tire can be beautiful and rust-proof. Whether there are cracks, inclusions, pores, and other defects in the finished rotary kiln tire, it needs a flaw detection process to detect. Flaw detection is to use of digital ultrasonic instruments to perform ultrasonic testing on the tires in order to find and automatically locate problems.

Why AGICO Kiln Tyres?

Advanced technology

AGICO advanced technology

AGICO will use professional simulation analysis software in the design stage of the rotary kiln tyre, which can more effectively ensure the accuracy of the production process compared to the backward manual drawing method.

Computer-controlled heat treatment equipment

Computer controlled heat treatment equipment

Compared with the old heat treatment kiln, which requires coal annealing, the temperature is not uniform and the internal stress cannot be eliminated, the AGICO factory adopts a new type of computer-controlled natural gas heat treatment equipment, which can effectively ensure the internal quality of the castings and take into account environmental protection benefits.

The wooden model ensures smooth casting

AGICO’s customized rotary kiln riding rings are made of standard wooden models, and the surface of the core is brushed with a special coating layer, which can effectively prevent cracking and ensure the smoothness of the casting surface.

German DBLF testing equipment

German DBLF testing equipment

AGICO cast steel kiln tyres are made of high-quality steel raw materials and accessories, and strict component testing will be carried out before production. When the rotary kiln tyres are smelted in the AGICO factory, they will also be sampled three times before entering the furnace, after entering the furnace, and in the as-cast state. The latest German DBLF spectrometer is used for testing to ensure the qualification of various components.

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