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Lime Calcination Plant Solution

As a professional provider of lime calcination solutions, we can provide one-stop lime calcination kiln solutions for lime production enterprises in various industries, including lime rotary kilns or lime vertical kilns, with various output ranges.

Capacity: 50-1200t/d

Application fields: sugar making, metallurgy, paper making, building materials, chemical industry, steel, and other industries.

Type of lime kiln: lime rotary kiln, twin shaft kiln(TSK), annular shaft kiln(ASK), beam kiln, Chinese annular shaft kiln, single shaft kiln, etc.

lime Shaft Kilns

lime rotary kilns

Shaft Kiln Quick Lime Production Solutions

Twin shaft kiln(TSK)

Capacity: 300-800t/d

Limestone particle size: 30mm-60mm,40mm-80mm

Twin shaft kiln(TSK) is a new type of double chamber parallel flow regenerative lime kiln developed on the basis of technical innovation of Maerz kiln, Parallel Flow Regenerative (PFR) Kiln, Twin Shaft Regenerative (TSR) Kiln, and other technologies.

Annular Shaft Kiln(ASK)

Capacity: 300t/d,500 t/d,600 t/d

Limestone particle size: 30mm-60mm,40mm-80mm

The annular shaft kiln is a new type of sleeve kiln equipment designed and manufactured on the basis of Beckenbach Annual Shaft kilns (BASK).

Burner Beam Lime Kiln

Capacity: 100-600t/d

Limestone particle size: 30mm-60mm,40mm-80mm

The beam kiln is a double-beam quick lime kiln designed with reference to Fercalx Vertical Lime Kilns.

Chinese Annular Shaft Kiln(CASK)

Capacity: 100-500t/d

Limestone particle size: 30mm-60mm,40mm-80mm

Chinese annular shaft kiln is a kind of sleeve vertical kiln developed based on China’s own lime kiln production technology.

Single Shaft Kiln

Fuel type: coal, gas, oil

Main model: Mixed Feed Single Shaft Kiln, Gas Fired Single Shaft Kiln, Oil Fired Vertical Shaft Kiln, and Coal Fired Vertical Shaft Kiln.

Rotary Kiln Calcined Limestone Turn Key Solution

Rotary Kiln Calcined Limestone Turn Key Solution

The quality of lime produced by the rotary kiln is stable, the output of a single kiln is large, and the maximum daily output can reach 2200t. Lime rotary kiln can directly calcine fine-grained limestone of 10-50mm. The rotary kiln can directly use pulverized coal as fuel, and it can support a wide range of fuels.

Solid fuel: coal, coke, etc.

Liquid fuel: heavy oil, kerosene, diesel, etc.

Gas fuel: liquefied petroleum gas, producer gas, natural gas, etc.

Other types of fuel: Electricity.

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AGICO is a professional manufacturer integrating the design, processing, and manufacture of rotary kilns and shaft kilns. We have many years of experience in the construction and installation of active lime kilns and various industrial furnaces. We have our own R&D team and manufacturing base. We are enthusiastically looking forward to ZOOM meetings or online factory tours with customers. Help you know more about our factory strength.

How to Select a Suitable Lime Kiln

How to Select a Suitable Lime Kiln

The selection of the lime kiln project needs to comprehensively consider the influence of various factors. We need to comprehensively consider factors such as fuel resource utilization, project static investment, product quality, and lime kiln operating costs. At the same time, it also needs to combine its own fuel conditions and consider the requirements of the local environmental protection department for a low-carbon economy and sustainable development.

Total investment cost. Choose the right kiln type according to the investment cost.

Site and production scale. The floor area and the number of auxiliary equipment of different kilns will be different and can be configured according to the actual situation.

Requirements for product quality. Depending on the end use, the demand for finished lime quality varies. The quality of lime produced by rotary kilns and different types of shaft kilns will also vary. The right type of lime kiln solution needs to be configured under the guidance of an expert.

Comparison of Comprehensive Performance of Different Lime Kilns

 Twin shaft kiln(TSK) Annular Shaft Kiln(ASK)Burner Beam Lime KilnChinese Annular Shaft Kiln(CASK)
Single kiln maximum capacity500T/D600T/D300T/D300T/D
Unit heat consumption: KCal/kg ash850-90090010501020
Fuel consumption(Nm³)1000-1058105812351200
Power consumption(kw/t)38384035
Gas pressurization requirement-50Kpa-17Kpa-17Kpa-15Kpa
Working pressure of kiln chamberPositive pressure 40KpaNegative pressureCalcination with negative pressure on the upper part and positive pressure on the lower part.Positive pressure
Raw material minimum particle size25mm30mm30mm20mm
Lime activity≥350-400mL≥350≥320≥320
Overheat rate≤5%≤5%8-10%≤10%
Annual working days340335330330
Degree of automationHighHighMiddleHigh
Investment amount$5,748,000$5,029,500$2,514,750$1,724,400
Capital construction converted into tons of ash80,00058,00058,00040,000
Performance advantages and disadvantagesAdvantages: Low burnt rate, high lime activity, and low energy consumption. Disadvantages: High investment cost and complex maintenance.Advantages: Low burnt rate, high lime activity, and low energy consumption. Disadvantages: The investment cost is high and the maintenance is complex.Advantages: Low investment, simple refractory, and brick masonry. Disadvantages: High energy consumption, high investment cost, and more staffing.Advantages: Low investment cost, simple refractory, and brick masonry Disadvantages: Slightly high energy consumption and burning rate.
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