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Lime Shaft Kiln

Lime Shaft Kiln Specification

  • Capacity: 50-1200t/d
  • Limestone particle size: 30-60/40-80mm
  • Scope of application: suitable for metallurgy, building materials, calcium carbide, nano calcium carbonate, aerated concrete, sugar, and other industries.

Unlike the lime rotary kiln, the kiln body of the lime shaft kiln is upright. The material enters from the top of the kiln and is discharged from the bottom after calcination. According to the different temperature changes and distribution in the vertical lime kiln, the vertical lime kiln is divided into three zones from top to bottom, namely the preheating zone, the calcining zone, and the cooling zone.

New TTHN Lime Shaft Kiln

The TTHN lime shaft kiln designed and produced by AGICO using new technology has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, a high degree of mechanization, and automation. TTHN lime shaft kiln adopts new kiln technology, which can make full use of cheap energy, especially the gas that is harmful to the environment, such as converter gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas, etc., as the main energy, turning waste into treasure.

Vertical Lime Kiln Plant Technological Process

The vertical lime kiln plant is mainly composed of a feeding system, a distribution system, a firing system, a discharging system, a dust removal system, and a finished product warehouse.

Vertical Lime Kiln Plant

TTHN Lime Shaft Kiln with Excellent Performance

Kiln body design adopts the five-layer structure

The furnace body of the lime shaft kiln adopts a five-layer structure of high alumina bricks + light insulation bricks + insulation filling materials + insulation fibers + steel furnace shells. The overall thickness is 1000mm, the outer furnace shell is light, and the design life of the refractory insulation layer in the furnace is more than 5 years.

Double trough distributor

The double trough distributor (TTSC type) equipped on the lime shaft kiln, with its special design structure, can mix limestone and coal evenly and spread it evenly on the raw material surface.

Frequency conversion operation

The power used in the production process of the lime shaft kiln, including various belt motors, high-pressure fans, rotary ash extractors, spreader motors, and other power devices that require continuous operation, all adopt the frequency conversion operation mode, and the energy-saving is up to 40%.

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Lime Shaft Kiln
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