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Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln

lithium ion battery recycling rotary kiln

Rotary Kiln Specification

Output: 100-1500kg/h

Heating method: electric heating

Processing material: powder material

Processing atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, argon

Applicable materials: recycling and calcination of lithium battery materials, positive electrode materials, and negative electrode materials.

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Lithium battery recycling rotary kiln can also be called the waste lithium battery calciner, which is suitable for recycling and sintering power lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium, and other lithium batteries.

As an experienced rotary kiln manufacturer, AGICO has outstanding technology for top production. The lithium battery recycling rotary kiln designed and produced is suitable for a wide range of powder calcination and sintering processes. As an electric heating rotary kiln, the lithium battery recovery rotary kiln has precise atmospheric adjustment inside the rotary shell. The inclination angle and rotation speed of the waste lithium battery rotary kiln can be adjusted, the cylinder has good heat transfer and short cycle time, and the production capacity is also higher.

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln Working Process

The material is sent to the silo of the screw feeder at the feeding end, and the screw feeder feeds the material into the rotary kiln shell with a certain flow at a constant speed.

Because the rotary kiln shell has a certain inclination angle and rotates continuously, the material continuously moves toward the hot end in a serpentine shape. When the material passes through different temperature zones such as the preheating section and the heating section, the heat transferred through the cylinder wall and the gas in the kiln heat the material.

After the whole heating process is completed, the material is sent to the cooling kiln for cooling, and the cooled material is sent out of the kiln. The reaction gas is fed from the feed end and is discharged from the discharge end after the materials are fully mixed and reacted. The material and reaction gas react fully during the forward motion.

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Technical Parameter of Waste Lithium Battery Calciner

Output: 100-1500kg/hHeating power: 33kw
Working temperature: 650℃Installed power: 370kw
Processing atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, argonSpeed: 1-5r/min
Gas flow range: 0-150m3/hInner diameter: ∅130mm
Gas pressure: 0.4-0.6MpaInner length: 1300mm

Technical Advantages of Waste Lithium Battery Calciner

The lithium battery recovery furnace adopts a dynamic calcination mode, which makes the sintering more thorough and avoids the phenomenon of sandwiching and over-burning to the greatest extent.

Technical Advantages of Waste Lithium Battery Calciner
Technical Advantages of Waste Lithium Battery Calciner

The waste lithium battery calciner adopts a special corrosion-resistant metal liner, supplemented by a precise atmosphere control system, which can achieve high-efficiency calcination and automatic temperature control.

The PLC control system uses a touch screen for human-computer interaction. The overall structure of the equipment is compact, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain

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