Production Equipment of Activated Carbon from Banana Peel

Banana is one of the most consumed fruits in the world, with annual global production reaching 100 million tons. More than 30 million tons of organic banana peel waste is produced in large quantities every year. Banana peels make up a third of the total weight of bananas and, along with rice husks and bagasse, are one of the largest agricultural residues. In this sense, banana peel can be used as a raw material for activated carbon, and the prepared banana peel activated carbon can be used as an electrode material for a large number of applications.

banana peel materials
Banana peel materials
activated carbon from banana peel
Activated carbon from banana peel

In recent years, activated carbon derived from biomass has received great attention. Activated carbon products such as grapefruit peel activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, waste tea activated carbon, corn bran activated carbon, and cotton stalk activated carbon have been used in energy storage applications. Among them, activated carbon from banana peel has been used as an environmental adsorption material and supercapacitor and other applications.

Activated Carbon Prepared from Banana Peel As an Adsorbent for Cr-containing Wastewater

Wastewater containing heavy metals is a highly polluting type of wastewater. Even if its quality and concentration are already small, it will cause great harm. And its toxicity has long-term persistence, that is, through the bioconcentration, bioaccumulation, and biomagnification of drinking water and food chains, the impact on human health and the destruction of the ecological environment still exist. ·

A specific modification method prepared banana peel, cassava peel, lemon peel, orange peel, and jackfruit peel waste into usable activated carbon, which was applied to treat heavy metal wastewater. Common Cr-containing wastewater adsorbents include banana peel activated carbon, cassava peel activated carbon, lemon peel activated carbon, orange peel activated carbon, etc.

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Banana Peel Activated Carbon VOCs Adsorbent

Volatile organic compounds hereinafter referred to as VOCs are the main cause of urban photochemical pollution. Due to its double harm to the environment and human health, it has become a global environmental protection problem.

Activated carbon is prepared from agricultural production waste banana peel, which is rich in raw materials and turns waste into treasure. The preparation method of the banana activated carbon has a simple process and low cost, and the prepared composite adsorption material has a remarkable adsorption effect on the herbicide quinclorac. The composite material has TioO2, which photodegrades organic pollutants. While solving the adsorption capacity, the composite adsorption material can be used to synergize the adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of quinclorac.

The preparation method of banana peel biochar composite adsorption material and the adsorption material made thereof include: washing banana peel, drying, pulverizing, and sieving to obtain powdery material. The powdered material is mixed and oscillated with the phosphoric acid solution, filtered, and dried to obtain phosphoric acid-modified banana peel powder. The TiO2 and SiO2 were loaded on the surface of the modified banana peel biochar by the sol-gel method, and the TiO2/SiO2-banana peel biochar composite adsorption material was prepared.

Types of Activated Carbon Preparation Equipment for Sale

Banana peel activated carbon rotary kiln
Banana peel activated carbon rotary kiln
Activated carbon drying equipment
Activated carbon drying equipment

Whether it is preparing banana peel activated carbon or wood activated carbon, the production process is different, and the activated carbon production equipment used is also different. AGICO, as an enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of activated carbon production equipment, is committed to the production and sales of various raw materials activated carbon equipment.

Full-process production lineActivated carbon production line
Different process stagesCarbon carbonization plant, activation plant, carbon regeneration plant
Independent equipmentActivated carbon rotary kiln, activation furnace, carbonization furnace
Auxiliary equipmentRotary kiln dryer, pulverizer, dust removal device, cooling device
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