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Belt Conveyor


Belt conveyor, for now, has the largest apply range in transportation equipment for materials. Belt conveyor is very convenient equipment, especially in aclinic and inclined transportation. It is widely used in modern industries, like: underground mine roadway, mine ground transportation system, open-pit mine and concentrating plant. To satisfy different plants’ working line needs, our company can customize a belt conveyor with various conveying process requirements. We can do single delivery or multiple components or form a transportation system with other transportation equipment.

Belt conveyor is the most ideal -efficient and continuous transportation equipment for cement. Compared to other kinds of transportation equipment, it can conveyors longer distances, larger load and more successive transportation. It also has characters of automation, reliable running, and centralized control.

Belt conveyor applies widely, because of its advantages, in melting, mining, transportation, water and electricity, chemical engineering and so on. It also plays a big role in building materials, light industry, grains, ports, and shipping.

Belt conveyor’s pad degree is in accordance with the width and speed of the belt, groove angle and dips angle. It also depends on the frequency of appearing large materials.

Belt Conveyor Classification

We normally will consider the different application scenarios, working environment, technological characters and materials and diversify belt conveyor into : large angle belt machine, deep groove belt machine and belt press machine, tubular belt type, air cushion belt type, flat turning belt type, line friction type, corrugated rib conveyor belt type transportation machinery, etc.

Classified by usage, there are general mobile type of belt conveyor, downhole selection, open-pit mine fixed type, special structure type, displaceable conveyor, loader special transfer function type, large inclined angle conveyor, etc., generally, short-distance conveyor in a factory can do aclinic or vertical transportation. The reversible pattern belt conveyor can be used for two-way conveying of materials. The cantilever machine is usually installed on the stacker and can be rotated to realize the function of dumping and supported by the gantry. The overhead machine is usually used in conjunction with other bulk material processing equipment, such as in hydropower construction, and can be configured with a standard intermediate frame that is placed on the sleeper for easy displacement; Classified according to the category of transport materials, used for general loose materials, belt conveyors for hard materials and single-piece materials, etc., classified according to the position of the rubber conveyor belt carrying section, including the belt carrying section above and carrying below and at the same time with the upper and lower sections. The two-way conveyor can transport the materials in the upper branch and the lower branch respectively, but in order to keep the material contact surface unchanged, the rubber belt needs to be periodically flipped.

Operation Parameters

Belt Width(mm)Conveying Length(m)/Power(kw)Conveying Speed(m/s)Delivery Value(t/h)

Belt Conveyor Characteristics

  • Belt conveyor’s flexible direction. The direction of belt conveyor can be changeable, the biggest- changed angles can be 180degree.
  • Belt conveyor’s convenient installation. Every unit is made of eight rollers. Every unit can performs alone or joints with other rollers.
  • Belt conveyor’s easy expansion and contraction. A unit of belt conveyor’s longest state can triple the shortest state.
  • Belt conveyor’s stable transportation. There is no relative movement between materials and belt to avoid damage to materials.
  • Belt conveyor’s low noise. It can perfectly fit in quiet circumstance if it is required.
  • Belt conveyor’s simple structure. The simple structure can lead to low energy consumption and low costs and easy maintenance.
structure name of belt conveyor

Belt Conveyor Technologic Information

Belt Conveyor’s drive mode: gear motor drive and electric drum drive.

Belt conveyor’s speed adjustment mode: frequency control and infinitely variable speeds.

Belt conveyor’s rack materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Apply range: light industry, electronic engineering, food industry, chemical industry, wood industry and mechanical engineering and so on.

Belt Conveyor Engineering Specification

  1. The length of the wire body is calculated according to the assembly process of the product.
  2. The height of the line body is 2-150M, and the height of the working surface is adjustable from 730-770MM.
  3. Line width: 150mm-1000mm is free to set according to product specifications.
  4. Line body configuration: fluorescent lamp, electric fan, air pipe with quick-change joint, process board, a work table with 220V power socket, import conveyor belt, special aluminum alloy, power configuration: electromagnetic speed control/frequency control.
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