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Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher is majorly applied in breaking various ores and large blocks of materials into medium grains. jaw crusher plays important roles in many sectors such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry. Jaw crusher is the infrastructure in the rotary kiln line. The highest compressive strength of crushed materials 320MPa. Jaw breaker’s character is that it has a high reduction ratio, uniform grains size, simple structure, reliable characteristics, simple maintenance, low expenditure.

Jaw crusher works as a coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials and infrastructure businesses. Jawbreaker is diversified into three type in accordance with the width of the feed port. Large scale machine’s feed port is above 600MM; medium scale machines are between 300 to 600MM; small scale machines is below 300MM.

Jaw crusher’s working station is two jaws. Stationary jaw is vertically fixed on the front lining of jaw crusher; Sewing jaw is inclined and forms a large top- small bottom crushing cavity with the stationary jaw. Sewing jaw keeps doing periodic reciprocation, sometimes apart, sometimes near. While apart, materials enter the crushing cavity and products unload from the bottom. While near, two jaws crush materials. Materials are broken caused by bending and splitting effect.

Jaw crusher can be classified by sewing jaw’s mode of oscillation. It has a simple oscillation type, complicated oscillation type and integrated oscillation type.

structure in jaw crusher

Jaw crusher’s working principle is powered by electromotor. Belt pulley, triangular belt, and trough wheel drive eccentric shaft, keeping sewing jaw in fixed reciprocation.

Materials are crushed in the crushing cavity made by the stationary jaw, swing jaw and edger protector then be unloaded in the discharge port. Jaw breaker’s crushing mode is a curved extrusion type. Electromotor drives belt and belt pulley to move up and down through eccentric shaft. When sewing jaw is lifted up, the intersection angle between bracket plate and swing jaw increases, so sewing jaw is pushed forward to stationary jaw. Materials are entirely broken after squeezing, twisting and grinding.

When sewing jaw is moving down, the included angle decreases. Sewing jaw is pushed away from stationary jaw by pull rode and spring. Crushed materials are discharged from the eject port in the crushing cavity. So, electromotor’s instantly running drives jawbreaker into periodic crushing and ejecting to build a jawbreaker line.

Operation Parameters

Type SpecificationFeed Port Size(mm)Maximum Feed Grain(mm)Adjustment Range Of Discharge Port(mm)Processing Capacity(m/h)Electrical Machinery(kW)Weight(t)
PE-600×900600×900500 65-18030-8555-7515.5

Jaw Crusher Structure

  • Jaw crusher’s rack. The rack is a rigid frame with an opening on both ends to hold the eccentric shaft and broken material’s counterforce. The rack should have high strength and stiffness. So, usually, unblock cast with steel or using high graded iron in small scale machines. Rack of large scale machine uses section cast, then integrates with bolts, which is a complicated craft.
  • Jaw crusher’s sew plate and side guide plate. Sewing jaw and stationary jaw is made up of jaw bed and jaw plate. Among them, jaw plate is the working section, which is fixed on jaw bed by bolts and wedges. Jaw bed for the stationary jaw is the front wall of the rack. Sewing jaw’s jaw bed is hang up, so it requires more strength and rigidity. To bear crushing-counterforce, most of the jaw bed is made of cast steel and cast iron.
  • Jaw crusher’s driving part. Jaw breaker’s main shaft is an eccentric shaft, who takes the giant force of bend –torsion. Eccentric shaft adopts high-carbon steel. Eccentric part must go through finish machining, heat treatment and uses babbitt casting for bearing bushing. Put the belt wheel on one end of the eccentric shaft and put the flywheel on the other end.
  • Jaw crusher ‘s control apparatus. The control apparatus has three types: wedge type, plate type, fluid pressure type. Usually, adopt wedge type. Wedge type is formed of two wedge blocks forward and backward. The front wedge block can flexibly moves back and forth to hold out against the back one. The back wedge block is called adjust wedge, which can move in fluctuation. The slopes of the two wedge types stick together from two directions. The size of the spout is adjusted by moving the rear wedge up and down by the screw. The discharge port’s adjustment of the small jaw crusher is realized by increasing or decreasing the amount of gasket between the thrust plate support and the frame.
  • Jaw crusher ‘s flywheel. The flywheel of the jaw crusher is used to store the energy during the hollowing stroke and then used for industrial formation so that the work of the machine tends to be uniform. The pulley also acts as a flywheel. The flywheel is often made of cast iron or cast steel, and the flywheel of the minicomputer is often made in one piece. Flywheel manufacturing, pay attention to static balance when installing.
  • Jaw crusher’s lubricating device. Eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated with concentrated circulation. The support surfaces of the mandrel and the thrust plate are generally oiled by a manual oil gun using grease. The swing angle of the moving jaw is very small, which makes the lubrication between the mandrel and the bearing bush difficult. Usually, a plurality of axial oil grooves are opened at the bottom of the bearing bush, and a ring is opened in the middle to connect the oil groove, and then the oil pump is used to force the dry butter to be lubricated.
parts' name in jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher Advantages

  1. Jaw crusher’s crushing chamber is deep and has no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output.
  2. Jaw crusher‘s crushing ratio is large and the product size is uniform.
  3. Jaw crusher‘s gasket type discharge opening adjustment device, reliable and convenient, large adjustment range, increasing the flexibility of the equipment.
  4. Jaw crusher‘s lubrication system is safe and reliable, the parts are easy to replace, and the equipment maintenance is simple.
  5. jaw crusher‘s simple structure, reliable work, and low operating costs.
  6. Jaw crusher‘s equipment energy saving: single machine energy saving 15% ~ 30%, system energy saving more than double.
  7. Jaw crusher‘s discharge opening adjustment range is large, to meet the requirements of different users.
  8. Jaw crusher’s low noise, less dust.
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