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Rotary Kiln For Alumina


Rotary kiln for alumina combines with domestic advanced technology and foreign progressive technology. Rotary kiln for alumina has a lot of advantages concluding simple operation, advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, etc.

Rotary Kiln For Alumina Characteristic

  1. Rotary kiln for alumina ‘s low energy consumption. Alumina Rotary kiln uses bearing transmission, which greatly reduces power consumption. Compared with alumina rotary kiln in the same grade, the output is increased by 50% and the energy consumption is reduced by 30%.
  2. Rotary kiln for alumina ‘s wide application range. Rotary kiln for alumina is for metallurgical chemic. But it can also be used in calcining iron ore magnetization, chromite oxidizing and nickel-iron oxide in steelworks;  calcining high metallurgical mine in a refractory factory; calcining clinker, aluminum hydroxide in the aluminum plant; calcining minerals such as chrome ore and chrome ore powder in a chemical plant.

Rotary Kiln For Alumina Working Principle

structure in rotary kiln for alumina

From a chemical point of view, rotary kiln for alumina’s working content is a process of reasonably disposing of heterogeneous heat and mass transfer of solid and gaseous media. Those processes require both high operating technique and a lot of changing factors. So, it is more difficult in operating this process than heterogeneous heat or mass transfer process between gaseous and liquid. Alumina rotary kiln has a small inclination angle to the horizontal line. Raw materials flip up and down then move forward upon the inner wall with the rotation of kiln. Materials’ rotation keeps the air in the kiln contact with them to proceed with heterogeneous heat transfer and mass transfer operations.

Kiln Operation Parameters

Product Standard(m) Kiln Body SizeMotor Power (kW)Total Weight (t)Remarks
Diameter (m)Length (m)Inclination (%)Yield(t/d)Rotate Speed (r/min)
Φ2.5×542.5543.52800.48-1.4555196.29Outside-Decomposing kiln
Φ2.8×442.8443.54500.437-2.1855201.58Outside-Decomposing kiln
entity of rotary kiln for alumina

Rotary Kiln For Alumina Advantages

  • Rotary kiln for alumina consists of a stop roller, tire ring, kiln shell, kiln head, kiln tail, combustion device, etc. It has reasonable design on the structure and dependable parts.
  • Rotary kiln for alumina has high quality, high-intensity level, little dust particles and little ash at the kiln. So, rotary kiln for alumina can remains a clean environment.
  • Rotary kiln for alumina compared to equipment of the same specification, it needs less energy consumption. It can reduces energy consumption by 15%. Therefore, it can cuts costs.
  • Rotary kiln for alumina adopts a thickened inner wall of the cylinder and a special sealing device to effectively enhance the compressive strength and purity of the finished product.

Rotary Kiln For Alumina Installation Process

lining in rotary kiln for alumina
  1. Rotary kiln for alumina is installed with a certain slope so materials can keep moving form high end of kiln to low end. Its diameter is important for it can decide swing speed and the diameter of the ring gear and sealing device.
  2. Rotary kiln for alumina ‘s check of the length of kiln should consider the whole process of reaction in kiln and the amount of water vapor in the kiln tail gas and the technical requirements of the paint dust collection.
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