Rotary Kiln For Limonite


Rotary kiln for limonite is mainly applied in building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, and the environmental protection sector. Also, it can be used in calcimine ore, concentrate, intermediates, etc. Because the production advantages of rotary kiln for limonite are gaining more energy and consuming less of it. So, it plays an important role in energy saving, environmental protection businesses, and cost reduction in small and medium-sized steel enterprises, coking enterprises, calcium carbide enterprises, and refractory industries.

Rotary Kiln For Limonite Technical Process

  1. Rotary kiln for limonite’s raw ore is taken out from depot and successively go through electronic belt measuring scale, belt conveyor, stable silo, lock damper and then be put into kiln tail.
  2. After the mineral is put into a rotary kiln for limonite, firstly it is heated, mineral proceeds backward motion with the hot flue. Then, it is heated to a reduced temperature in the heating zone and put into the reduction zone.
  3. Rotary kiln for limonite’s temperature of the flame center in the reduction zone of the limonite rotary kiln is about 1000 °C, and the temperature of the reduction zone is about 700 °C by which mineral turns into magnetite by reacting with reductive gas.
  4. After entering the cooling zone, the ore meets the preheated gas. The ore is cooled and discharged outside the limonite rotary kiln. It is stored in the storage tank for selection, after being hydraulically cooled by a continuous bucket conveyor.
entity of rotary kiln for limonite

Rotary Kiln For Limonite Working Principle

Rotary kiln for limonite’s Pulverized coal produces heat in the rotary kiln for limonite. The heat warms up materials by gas conduction and radiation. Pulverized coal keeps rotating with the kiln according to its slope and rotation speed. And materials keep Periodic rollover from the feed end to the discharge end. Meantime, make sure the rotary kiln for limonite can calcimine materials into qualified clinker to meet the requirements of high yield, high quality, and low consumption.       

Kiln Operation Parameters

Product Standard (m)Kiln Body SizeThe electric power (kW)Total Weight(t)Remarks
Diameter(m)Length(m)Inclination (%)Yield(t/h)Roast Speed(r/min)
Φ2.5×402.5403.51800.44-2.4455149.61Kiln With Vertical Cylinder Preheater
Φ2.8×442.8443.54000.437-2.1855201.58Outside Decomposing Kiln

Rotary Kiln For Limonite Unique Advantages

Rotary kiln for limonite’s high degree of automation

The control and alarm of the operation of the limonite rotary kiln production system are controlled by PLC with few on-site operators.

Rotary kiln for limonite’s high energy and low consumption

Add a vertical preheater at the rotary kiln for limonite’s tail to make full use of preheating material, which greatly reduces fuel consumption.

Rotary kiln for limonite’s advanced structure

It is easier to control the rotary kiln for limonite in the production process by using a progressive structure.

Rotary kiln for limonite’s high thermal efficiency

The heat is converted into hot flue by the cooler and sent back to the kiln, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the limonite rotary kiln.

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