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Rotary Kiln For Magnesium


Rotary kiln for magnesium is professional for calcining magnesium metal. Magnesium metal is divided into heavy magnesium oxide and light magnesium oxide. Heavy magnesium oxide’s manufacturing technique is consist of light burned magnesia and heavily burned magnesia. Light magnesium oxide’s manufacturing technique is divided by contents.

Rotary kiln for magnesium’s production process normally contains such procedures: sintering, air, screening, crushing, breaking, and the finished product. Advanced rotary Kiln for magnesium metal is equipped with a Kiln temperature control system to control the kiln temperature momentarily. Therefore, the quality of magnesium oxide semi-finished products is improved through the change of magnesium oxide activity and content controlled by kiln temperature.

Rotary Kiln for Magnesium Feature

  1. The rotary kiln for magnesium has quite a lot of mechanical equipment and has a high weight. So, the unit product consumes a large amount of steel.
  2. Rotary kiln for magnesium’s high degree of mechanization makes operation easier. It can perfectly meet the demands of great industries like metallurgy and smelting.
  3. During the calcining process, the metal keeps rolling, so it can be heated evenly. Calcination quality is quite good because of the temperature kept by an easily controlled combustion device. The activity degree of magnesium mental can be from 350ml to 400ml. With less pollution, it’s easier to get magnesium mental with high purity.
  4. Rotary kiln for magnesium can be used on metallurgy or activated lime. It has lower heat consumption per unit of product, even lower than a shaft kiln.
  5. Rotary kiln for magnesium has special requirements on material strength because materials are abrased severely in the kiln and produce lots of powder.
lining of rotary kiln for magnesium

Kiln Operation Parameters

Specifications And Models (m)Kiln Body SizeYield(t/h)Roast Speed(r/min)Motor Power (kW)WeightRemarks
Diameter(m)Length(m)Inclination (%)t
φ3.0×483483.525.6-29.30.6-3.48100237Outside Decomposition Kiln
φ3.2×503.250440.5-420.6-3125278Outside Decomposition Kiln

Rotary Kiln for Magnesium Working Principle

plant of rotary kiln for magnesium

Rotary Kiln For Magnesium Production Material


The granularity requirements of dolomite are from 10mm to 40mm. The quantity of the portion below the low limit or beyond the upper limit should be less than 5 percent. The biggest granularity is no more than 50mm.

Ferrosilicon and fluorite powder

Rotary Kiln For Magnesium Production Process

Rotary kiln for magnesium chooses advanced, reliable technological process aka new Pijiang method for smelting magnesium. First, put qualified dolomite into the kiln to calcinate. Then, mix dolomite, fluorite, and ferrosilicon in a certain proportion and press into pellets after ball milling. Then put materials into reduction tank to get on high-temperature thermal reduction under vacuum and produce crystalline magnesium. After remelting and refining, crystalline magnesium turns into magnesium metal. in one word, the whole process includes a raw material reserve, dolomite calcination, grinding ball, restoration, and refinement.

Rotary Kiln for Magnesium Smelting Methods

  1. Electrolysis. Dehydrate solution containing magnesium chloride or calcine magnesium chloride, then process electrolysis.
  2. Thermal reduction. Thermally reduce magnesium oxide calcined from carbonate ore by ferrosilicon.

Rotary Kiln for Magnesium Smelting Methods

structure of rotary kiln for magnesium

Rotary kiln for magnesium mainly consists of a transmission device, roller support device, support wheel support device, kiln head, kiln tail, and stealing the device. The character of the structure is below:

The rotary kiln for magnesium has 2 to 4 pivots(mainly 3 pivots). It’s easier to guarantee the contact surfaces between the pulley and belt of kiln wheels are parallel with the cylinder axis.

Rotary kiln for magnesium supporting device adopts antifriction bearing to simplified structure, reduce useless power loss and be convenient to check and maintain.

Rotary kiln for magnesium has a slow kiln mechanism to be easier to be installed and be debugged; Be sure that kiln operation is normal while overhauling the main drive system or other circumstances; Prevent bending deformation in the cooling process.

Rotary kiln for magnesium chooses mechanical wheel or hydraulic wheel in different kiln types. Because those two both have high precision,  reliability, stability, and are easy to adjust.

Rotary kiln for magnesium replaces the old-fashioned labyrinth seal with heat resistant steel scale seal in the kiln head and kiln tail, which makes better sealing, higher reliability, longer service life, and easier replacement.

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