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Rotary Kiln Seal System

Kiln Seal Specification

Main function: effectively control the flue gas at the kiln outlet, prevent the decrease of temperature, and reduce the increase of heat consumption.

Types of seals: carbon-silicon-aluminum composite panel, heat-resistant lamella seal, high-purity graphite seal.

Application: cement rotary kiln, chemical rotary kiln, incinerator, dryer, single-cylinder cooler, etc.

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The purpose of installing the rotary kiln sealing system is mainly to reduce the entry of cold air from the outside into the kiln, and at the same time prevent the leakage of materials carried by air in the kiln, improve the production capacity and quality of the clinker kiln, and reduce various consumption. The quality of the kiln seal is of great significance to the entire process parameters and equipment operation of clinker firing, so suitable kiln seals can significantly improve the working efficiency of the rotary kiln.

At present, the commonly used kiln seals include labyrinth sealing, friction sealing, gas sealing, combined sealing, and new composite flexible sealing.

New Composite Flexible Sealing System for Rotary Kiln

The new composite flexible sealing device adopts the quadrilateral linkage technology and applies the new high-temperature and wear-resistant semi-flexible carbon-silicon-aluminum composite panel to form a closed integral cone, which can well match the complex movement of the end of the rotary kiln. When in use, one end is tightly fixed on the kiln tail smoke chamber and its kiln head cover, and the other end is flexibly tensioned on the cylinder of the rotary kiln with a tensioning device, which can effectively eliminate the axial, radial, and Circumferential clearance to achieve gap-free sealing. In addition, the rotary kiln sealing system is equipped with automatic ash and reflector devices. The structure is very scientific and the sealing effect is good.

Kiln Inlet Seal and Outlet Seal for Sale
Kiln Inlet Seal and Outlet Seal for Sale

The new composite flexible sealing device realizes the integration of labyrinth type, friction type, and fish scale type sealing. It draws on its advantages and gives full play to the advantages of material characteristics, highlighting the characteristics of rigid sealing materials and flexible sealing to seal off the wind. The dynamic and static seals can achieve stable operation in the limited active area of the equipment. It is suitable for both kiln inlet seal and kiln outlet seal.

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Main Kiln Seal Devices for Kiln Inlet Seal and Kiln Outlet Seal

The main components of the rotary kiln sealing system include kiln head sealing cover, ash return hopper, sealing cover support beam, air duct fixed support, kiln inlet seal lamella, anti-corrosion, and high temperature resistant flexible sealing composite panel, rotary kiln wear-resistant friction plate device, etc.

carbon-silicon-aluminum composite panel

Carbon silicon aluminum composite panel

Operating temperature: 1200-1400℃

Wear resistance: 0.5% pressure repeated grinding 1000 times, weight loss 0.5kg

Moisture absorption reaction: no delamination after moisture absorption, no cracking

Lamella seal

Lamella typeMaterialOperating temperatureThermal conductivityDensity
Heat-resistant steel lamellaOCr18Ni9(304)650℃17.2W/mk7.93kg/m³
Anti-corrosion lamellaQ235 galvanized plate350℃10W/mk7.85kg/m³
 201 stainless steel400℃16.2W/mk7.93kg/m³
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