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Rotary Kiln Shell

Rotary Kiln Shell for Sale

Rotary Kiln Shell Specification

Diameter: Φ1.25m-Φ6m

Length: 12m-95m

Certification: ISO, SGS

Kiln Shell Material: Q235c plate and other material steel plates

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The rotary kiln shell is the body of the rotary kiln, which is made of steel plates into sections of the kiln shell in advance, and then riveted or welded. The kiln shell is covered with several kiln ring tyres, which are located on the corresponding supporting rollers so that the material can gradually move from the kiln end to the front of the kiln. Therefore, the rotary kiln shell generally has a slope of 3%-5%, and the inclined, in order to protect the kiln shell, 100-220mm thick refractory bricks are built inside.

Details of Rotary Kiln Shell

Stable operation
The shell of the rotary kiln is well made and the whole machine runs stably, which can make the rotary kiln obtain higher working efficiency.

Thickened conveyor belt
Our kiln shells are constructed from high-quality raw materials and transported with reinforced supports for a smoother delivery journey.

Easy installation
The rotary kiln shell has a simple design structure and is easy to operate, and workers can flexibly master it through simple training.

Advantages of Rotary Kiln Shell Design

The kiln shell is one of the main components of rotary kiln equipment, and its deformation directly affects the operation rate of the rotary kiln. Through long-term rotary kiln shell design and practical experience, AGICO concluded that the design of the rotary kiln shell requires greater rigidity in the cross-section of the kiln shell and better flexibility in the longitudinal direction.

AGICO’s engineering and technical personnel will optimize the design of the rotary kiln shell in the following aspects according to customers’ needs.

The choice of steel plate thickness;

The structure and installation method of the wheel belt;

Increasing span spacing reduces additional bending stress;

Select Calculate longitudinal bending stress.

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Why Choose Rotary Kiln Shell Supplier AGICO

Rich experience and favorable price

Founded in 1997, AGICO is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rotary kilns and accessories. We are factory direct sales, and the rotary kiln accessories price is more competitive.

Our technology is mature and we have our own R&D department. Every year, new rotary kiln products are developed to meet customer needs.

Good product quality and customer trust

The company has a professional foreign trade team, which has been engaged in international trade for many years and has rich experience.

Our products have passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, are widely sold in more than 130 countries and regions in the world, and are well received by customers.

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