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Rotary Kiln Supporting Roller

kiln supporting roller

Rotary Kiln Supporting Roller Specification

  • Materials: ZG55, ZG42CrMo, etc
  • Processing weight: ≤50t
  • Certification: ISO, SGS
  • Application industry: cement, chemical machinery

Kiln supporting roller is the main component of rotary kiln. The kiln support roller bears the weight of the entire rotating part and plays a directional effect on the cylinder so that the cylinder and the rotary kiln tyre can rotate smoothly on the kiln supporting roller. When installing the rotary kiln, you should choose high-quality kiln supporting rollers, which can effectively prolong the service life of the rotary kiln and reduce the maintenance cost of the rotary kiln accessories.

Main component of rotary kiln
The main component of the rotary kiln

AGICO has many years of experience in processing and manufacturing rotary kiln accessories and large steel casting workshops and has mature technological advantages in casting rotary kiln tires, large gear rings, kiln supporting rollers, thrust rollers, and other accessories. The kiln support rollers produced by AGICO mainly include rotary kiln supporting rollers and cast steel supporting rollers, which can also be customized according to customers’ drawings.

The Kiln Supporting Roller Produced by AGICO is More Competitive

High-quality steel, more load-bearing

The supporting rollers are mostly made of ZG55, ZG42CrMo, and other high-quality materials. The produced Kiln supporting rollers can carry a large load, and have strong impact resistance, high hardness, and wear resistance.

High-quality support roller

Simple process and low maintenance cost

AGICO steel casting kiln supporting roller to use rolling bearing wheelsets, which run smoothly, and the manufacturing precision of rolling bearings is high. Compared with rotary kilns using sliding bearings, rolling bearings run more smoothly and maintenance is relatively reduced.

More professional heat treatment process and the guaranteed kiln support roller hardness

AGICO uses normalizing and tempering processes in the casting process of the supporting roller so that the surface hardness of the cast steel supporting roller is higher than 200HB. Thereby, better high-temperature resistance performance and smaller friction resistance are obtained, which ensures the quality of the rotary kiln supporting roller.

Why Choose AGICO Support Roller for Rotary Kiln?

AGICO Group is a professional production and processing company specializing in rotary kiln, ball mill, rotary kiln accessories, ball mill accessories, and other cement equipment. The company has an R&D technical team office area, steel casting foundry workshop, cement equipment manufacturing and installation workshop, etc., as well as an equipment storage warehouse and finished product display area.

Why Choose AGICO Support Roller for Rotary Kiln?

Advanced design and production equipment

Using advanced CAD/CAE/CAM computer system software for design and development. Several large-scale high-precision CNC boring and milling machines, high-precision EDM machines, and other processing equipment ensure the accuracy and quality of supporting roller products.

AGICO adopts a professional heat treatment process and advanced equipment to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the kiln support rollers such as impact resistance, deformation resistance, and wear resistance. The heat treatment workshop of the factory adopts a resistance heating furnace, which can make the roller heat evenly and accurately, with high quality and small deformation.

Complete testing system

AGICO follows China’s Level 2 flaw detection standard and implements a quality non-destructive testing system. We have GS-1000 direct reading spectrometer produced by OBLF in Germany, a carbon-sulfur analyzer, a three-element analyzer, a mechanical performance testing machine, an impact test low-temperature tank, and an impact testing machine, UT, MT flaw detection equipment, etc.

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