Sand Dryer

sand dryer

Sand Dryer Specification

Production capacity: 1-80 t/h

Supported fuels: coal, oil, gas, and other fuels.

Applicable materials: River sand, sea sand, yellow sand, emery, pomegranate sand, quartz sand, casting sand, and other wet granular materials.

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In the realms of construction and industry, sand stands as an indispensable raw material, with sand dryers being among the pivotal equipment ensuring the efficient utilization of this vital resource. Let’s delve into what sand truly encompasses. Sand constitutes granular matter formed from crushed stones, minerals, and rocks, with particle sizes typically ranging from 0.0625 mm to 2 mm. Sands from different sources exhibit unique characteristics, including the commonly encountered river sand and sea sand. River sand, eroded from riverbeds, often boasts smooth particles, while sea sand, shaped by ocean waves, features irregular grains and a saline composition. Both variants find extensive applications in industrial and construction domains.

Quartz sand
Quartz sand
Yellow sand
Yellow sand

Sand Dryer for Sale

As a professional sand dryer manufacturer, AGICO proudly introduces our newly designed sand dryer, which comes with a host of significant advantages, making it the top choice for large-scale sand production facilities.

Firstly, our sand dryer boasts outstanding reliability, ensuring stable operation and prolonged high-efficiency performance.

Secondly, its high production capacity and exceptional efficiency enable rapid processing of large quantities of raw materials, meeting the production demands of our customers.

Furthermore, our dryer utilizes advanced technology and consumes minimal energy overall, resulting in cost savings for our customers and enhanced economic benefits.

sand dryer
sand dryer

In cases where the raw material exhibits higher moisture content, our sand dryer performs exceptionally well. The sand dryer can dry sand with an initial moisture content of up to 30% to a moisture content of less than 1%, effectively removing moisture and ensuring the quality and stability of the sand. This not only aids in cost savings in production but also enhances the competitiveness of the product in the market.

Our company is committed to providing comprehensive services and support to our customers. In addition to offering high-quality dryer products, we also have a professional design team capable of providing customers with free design of sand drying production line processes, tailoring the most suitable production solutions for them. Furthermore, we undertake turnkey projects, providing customers with one-stop services from equipment installation to commissioning, ensuring smooth production start-up and achievement of production goals.

If you have any questions or requirements regarding our products or services, please feel free to send us an inquiry at any time. We are dedicated to providing you with more comprehensive and detailed information and guidance, working together to create a better future.

Model(m)Volume of equipment(m³)Cylinder processing thickness(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)Weight(t)

Process flow of Sand Dryer with 3 Pass Structure

The sand rotary dryer adopts the same three-layer sleeve structure as the triple drum dryer. Initially, materials enter the inner layer of the rotating drum through the feeding device, initiating the process of concurrent drying. Inside this layer, the materials are continuously lifted and scattered by the lifting plates, creating a spiral movement pattern to facilitate heat exchange with the interior of the drum. Subsequently, the materials move to the other end of the inner layer and enter the middle layer for countercurrent drying. Within the middle layer, the materials are repeatedly lifted and then drawn back, following a pattern of advancing two steps and retreating one step. This design not only ensures full absorption of heat emitted by the inner drum but also absorbs heat from the middle drum, thereby prolonging the drying time and achieving the desired dryness of the materials.

Process flow of Sand Dryer with 3 Pass Structure

As the materials reach the other end of the middle layer, they will fall into the outer layer. Within the outer drum, the materials proceed in a rectangular multi-circuit manner to achieve the drying effect. Under the action of hot air, the materials that have already achieved dryness will swiftly advance and be discharged from the drum. However, the wet materials that have not reached the desired dryness remain stationary due to their own weight. Within the outer drum, these wet materials will undergo thorough drying within the rectangular baffles, thus completing the entire drying process.

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Trusted Sand Dryer Manufacturer——AGICO

AGICO is your trusted manufacturer and designer of sand dryers. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in the industry, always committed to providing excellent product quality and premium customer service. At AGICO, we understand the importance of product quality, so we rigorously control every production process to ensure that each piece of equipment meets the highest standards. Furthermore, we prioritize user experience. From manufacturing to delivery, and from installation to commissioning and after-sales service, we have a professional team to follow up on every step, ensuring your user experience is worry-free.

Our product range also includes various rotary kilns and ball mills for industrial and mining purposes. Whether you need a river sand dryer, a sea sand dryer, or a lake sand dryer, AGICO can provide you with safe and reliable solutions. Choosing AGICO means not only getting high-quality products but also experiencing our professional, meticulous, and attentive service. Let’s work together to create a better future!

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