Sea Sand Dryer

sea sand dryer

Sea Sand Dryer Specification

Production capacity: 1-80 t/h

Supported fuels: coal, oil, gas and other fuels.

Applicable materials: sea sand, river sand, mineral sand, yellow sand, artificial sand, blast furnace slag, water slag and other granular materials.

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Sea sand is formed by prolonged erosion of coastlines by seawater, thus exhibiting notable differences in composition and morphology compared to other types of sand. It may contain higher levels of salt and have irregular and varying particle sizes and shapes. Sea sand has extensive applications in the construction and industrial sectors. In construction, it is commonly used for preparing concrete, cementitious materials, and road construction materials. In industries, sea sand serves as an additive for purposes such as casting, metallurgy, and heat treatment to enhance material durability and heat resistance.

Compared to other types of sand, sea sand offers several unique advantages. Firstly, the salt content in sea sand can enhance its suitability for certain applications. For instance, the salt content present in seawater can provide additional waterproofing properties to construction materials like concrete. Additionally, the irregular particle shape of sea sand may improve its fillability and adhesion in some specific industrial applications, thereby enhancing material stability and durability. Furthermore, due to its widespread availability near coastlines, the cost of obtaining sea sand may be relatively lower in some regions, making it more competitive.

Sea sand factory
Sea sand

Similar to river sand, sea sand originates from the ocean and typically retains a significant amount of moisture. Before being utilized in construction or industrial applications, sea sand requires professional drying treatment, highlighting the indispensable need for a sea sand dryer.

Sea Sand Dryer Machine for Sale

AGICO has launched the latest design of sea sand dryer machines, aiming to provide you with a reliable and efficient solution for drying sea sand. As a leading manufacturer of drying equipment in the industry, we not only possess extensive experience and a professional technical team but also are committed to delivering excellent product quality and premium after-sales service to our customers.

sea sand dryer
sea sand dryer
Model(m)Volume of equipment(m³)Cylinder processing thickness(mm)Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)Weight(t)

Product Features:

Efficient Drying: Our sea sand dryer machine adopts advanced technology and optimized design, enabling rapid and effective reduction of sea sand moisture content, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly: The equipment utilizes energy-saving technology to maximize heat recovery, reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact, in line with the requirements of sustainable development in modern industry.

Stable and Reliable: Constructed with premium materials and advanced manufacturing processes, our sea sand dryer machine delivers stable performance and reliable operation, ensuring long-term and stable production.

Versatile Application: The equipment is not only suitable for drying sea sand but also can be used for drying other materials such as sand, stone, and ore, offering a wide range of applications.

Service Advantages:

Customized Design: We offer customized design solutions tailored to the sea sand drying needs and scale of our customers, ensuring a drying solution that suits their specific requirements.

End-to-End Support: From equipment selection and customized production to installation and commissioning, we provide end-to-end support to ensure smooth equipment deployment and operation.

After-Sales Support: Our professional after-sales team offers timely technical support and maintenance services, addressing various issues encountered by customers during operation.

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Sea Sand Dryer Machine System

When the sea sand dryer machine is operating, various auxiliary equipment is required simultaneously for production support. We collectively refer to the sea sand dryer machine and its auxiliary equipment as the sea sand dryer machine system. The sea sand drying system mainly consists of the sea sand dryer machine, dust collector, hot air furnace, feed conveyor, discharge conveyor, electrical control panel, induced draft fan, exhaust gas filter, and other equipment.

Sea Sand Dryer Machine System
Sea Sand Dryer Machine System

If you are looking for a sea sand dryer machine or are unsure about how to choose one, feel free to send us your production requirements and scale, as well as your efficiency and energy consumption demands for sea sand drying. Our technical experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate sea sand drying equipment. You will receive a tailor-made drying solution at no cost.

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