Semi-Coke Dryer

semi-coke rotary dryer

Semi-Coke Dryer Specification

Production capacity: 0.4-103 t/h

Supported fuels: steam waste heat, coal gas, natural gas, coal, and other fuels.

Applicable materials: various materials such as orchid charcoal, coke, activated carbon, coke powder, etc.

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When we mention “semi-coke,” we are referring to a high-quality coal product primarily obtained through the combustion of refined coal blocks. Semi-coke plays a significant role in the industrial sector due to its distinctive characteristics, including high fixed carbon content, elevated electrical resistivity, and excellent chemical reactivity. Additionally, it features low ash, aluminum, sulfur, and phosphorus content. These qualities make semi-coke an ideal alternative, gradually replacing traditional metallurgical coke and finding extensive applications in the manufacturing of products such as calcium carbide, ferroalloys, ferrosilicon, and silicon carbide.

In addition to the industrial sector, semi-coke has also demonstrated its unique value in civilian applications. Its environmental characteristics, such as low sulfur, low ash content, and high calorific value, make it an ideal choice for reducing coal combustion-related urban air pollution. Therefore, in today’s environmentally conscious society, semi-coke has received active promotion and application.


Semi-Coke Rotary Dryer for Sale

In response to the characteristics of semi-coke, specialized semi-coke rotary dryers have emerged. This type of equipment is provided by professional industrial dryer suppliers like AGICO, who specifically design dryers for the semi-coke drying process to ensure the quality and efficiency of semi-coke in industrial production. Semi-coke rotary dryers can efficiently reduce the moisture content of semi-coke, meeting the standards required for industrial production, thus improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Semi-coke rotary dryers adopt a drum-type design and use special plates with excellent toughness and strength, ensuring the stability and durability of the equipment. Various forms of lifting plates are welded on the inner wall of the machine, designed to ensure uniform heating of semi-coke during the drying process, achieving efficient drying results.

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The semi-coke dryer is a specialized semi-coke drying equipment developed based on drum rotary dryers. Its development aims to address the high moisture content of semi-coke after mining. Through drying treatment, it increases the utilization value of lan charcoal while reducing transportation costs. The semi-coke rotary dryer finds wide applications across various industries, including drying coal slurry, raw coal, flotation clean coal, and mixed clean coal in the coal industry; drying blast furnace slag, clay, bentonite, limestone, sand, and quartz stone in the construction industry; as well as drying various metal concentrates, waste slag, and tailings in the mining industry. Its flexibility and versatility make it an ideal choice for drying processes in various industries.

ModelVolume of the drum(m³)Capacity(t/h)Installation slope(%)Maximum intake temperature (℃)Main motor power(kw)Weight(t)

The Working Process of the Semi-Coke Rotary Dryer System

The Working Process of the Semi-Coke Rotary Dryer System

During the semi-coke drying process, a series of equipment, led by the semi-coke dryer, is required to complete the drying process.

Firstly, wet semi-coke is unloaded by a forklift into the feeding hopper and then uniformly fed by a feeder machine before being sent to the feeding end by a belt feeder.

Subsequently, the semi-coke flows into the cylinder of the semi-coke rotary dryer through a guide pipe. The heat generated by the combustion furnace of coal powder enters the main machine and comes into contact with the semi-coke under the action of the induced draft fan. Inside the semi-coke rotary dryer drum, the flipping of the baffle plates ensures that the semi-coke is evenly dispersed and fully exposed to hot air, accelerating the process of drying heat and mass transfer.

The semi-coke rotary dryer is equipped with a fall prevention device independently designed by the industrial dryer manufacturer AGICO, effectively reducing the rate of damage to semi-coke during the drying process. As the drum rotates, the material moves to the other end under the action of internal devices in the lan charcoal dryer.

Finally, the material is discharged through the discharge valve at the discharge end and transported to the storage location by a conveyor. The hot air generated by the coal powder combustion furnace needs to be collected from the gas through a cyclone dust collector after passing through the semi-coke dryer. If further reduction of dust content in the exhaust gas is required, it needs to be processed through a bag filter or wet scrubber to achieve environmental protection goals. So far, the semi-coke drying process in the rotary dryer system is complete.

Performance Advantages of Semi-Coke Dryer

Semi-Coke Rotary Dryer for Sale

The semi-coke rotary dryer has strong overload resistance, large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost.

Product granularity and moisture can be controlled according to user requirements. When drying rotary dryer, the moisture content of the product can be reduced to below 8%, and the granularity can be controlled below 8mm.

The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder, and enhances the adaptability to the moisture and viscosity of the materials.

Special air distribution device reduces equipment resistance and effectively provides the processing air volume of the rotary dryer dryer.

Compared to other drying methods, semi-coke rotary dryer effectively increases the specific gravity of the materials.

It has fast processing speed, large processing capacity, and low fuel consumption.

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