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Sponge Iron Kiln


Today we will introduce a device that is popular with users—sponge iron kiln. Sponge rotary kiln is a device for producing sponge iron. It has a reasonable structure, stable performance, and simple operation.

line of sponge iron kiln

Sponge Iron Kiln Main Structure

  1. Sponge iron kiln’s kiln head steal: Sponge iron kiln adopts kiln shell gas seal and spring steel sheet double-layer flexible sealing device. The cold air enters the cooling shield through the bell mouth, and is exhausted after being heated. The cold air sleeve body is pressed by the flexible sealing plate under the overlapping heat-resistant spring steel sheet to ensure that when the kiln head cylinder is slightly yawed can maintain a sealing effect.
  2. Sponge iron kiln’s cylinder: The design of the sponge iron rotary kiln cylinder is more reasonable. The cylinder is rolled with a Q235-B steel plate to ensure five mechanical properties, usually with automatic welding. The wall thickness of the cylinder is generally 25 mm, and that of the firing zone is 32 mm. It assured that both the rigidity of the cross-section and the stress state of the support device are improved.
    Generally, the thickness of the sponge Iron Kiln’s shell steel plate is about 40 mm. Because the bearing capacity is relatively large, the kiln shell steel plate near the tire ring should be thicker. What inside the kiln shell is a 200mm layer of refractory bricks. When the kiln is working, because of the connection between high temperature and load-bearing, the kiln shell will have an elliptical deformation, which will cause large pressure on the kiln brick and reduce the service life of the kiln brick. At the end of the kiln, a part about one meter long is tapered, so that the material from the feed chamber of the preheater can enter the kiln more smoothly.
  3. Sponge iron kiln’s transmission: The transmission adopts a rubber block coupling and an auxiliary transmission device connected with a security power supply to ensure the operation of the sponge iron kiln when the main power supply is interrupted. It not only increases the smoothness of the transmission, but also prevents the barrel of the sponge iron rotary kiln from bending and it is also easy to overhaul.
  4. Sponge iron kiln’s kiln tail seal: It adopts steel sheet and graphite flexible seal. The sealing device is convenient to install, and very reliable.
shell in sponge iron kiln

Kiln Operation Parameters

Production Specifications(m)KilnBody Size
Motor Power (kW)Gross Weight(t)Remarks

Φ2.5×542.5543.52800.48-1.4555196.29External Rotary Kiln
Φ2.8×442.8443.544500.437-2.1855201.58External Rotary Kiln

Sponge Iron Kiln Characteristics

  • Sponge iron kiln’s support equipment: planning advanced spindle layout, be equipped with active temperature measurement equipment and electric heating equipment and spare support equipment.
  • Sponge iron kiln’s wheel device: It is divided into a mechanical wheel and a hydraulic thrust wheel. The hydraulic gear wheel unit is equipped an advanced hydraulic control system.
  • Sponge iron kiln’s transmission equipment: Sponge iron kiln is equipped with the single or dual transmission. DC motor or variable frequency speed control motor controls the rotating speed. It makes the sponge iron kiln has the characters of stable work, energy-saving and efficient.
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